University of chester grading system

University of chester grading system


For more information and the guidance documents visit portal or contact Registry Services, Old College, Chester Campus or Martin Building, Warrington Campus. For General enquiries email, and for MIS enquiries email

What happens if I hand my work in late?

Work submitted late is penalised, the penalty is 10 marks for every 24 hour period (or part thereof).

What happens if I exceed the word count?

A 10% excess without penalty is allowed and then a penalty of 5 marks per 1000 words excess is applied. Word count does not include student’s name, title of module and assignment, appendices, bibliography, graphs, tables, diagrams, captions or references to sources.

How do I progress from one year of my programme to the next?

In order to progress you must have passed 120 credits in the previous year. There are some exceptions which are covered in the section on compensation.

How do I pass a module?

You must achieve both:

  • an overall module mark of 40% or greater
  • at least 20% in all components

Where (a) is achieved but not (b) a mark of 39% will be recorded. Reassessment is only required in components awarded less than 40% in failed modules.

University of chester grading system

What is a component mark?

A component mark is normally the mark you are awarded for a piece of work. For example if the assessment for a module is 50% coursework and 50% exam, that is two components. The Module Descriptor will state how many assessment components a module has.

What happens if I fail a module at the first attempt?

You could qualify for compensation; see section below. If you do not qualify for compensation you will need to resit the module. When you resit the module you will have to complete the reassessments of all the failed components for that module.

What is compensation?

Compensation is applied where a student’s overall performance is used to compensate for failure in a module with a mark between 30-39%. Some subject areas do not allow compensation for professional reasons eg Nursing, Midwifery, and Social Work. Undergraduate students may be compensated in: 40 credits at Level 4, 20 credits at Levels 5 & 6, certain criteria apply:

  • the module mark may not fall below 30%
  • component marks must not fall below 20%
  • the student’s overall average for completed modules at the level must be at least 40%

Marks for compensated modules stand and are included in classification calculations and on the student’s final transcript. Compensation is not applied where the student has failed more credits than may be compensated at the level, or where there are fewer than 120 taken credits at the level. For a more comprehensive explanation with examples; visit Undergraduate Assessment FAQ

University of chester grading system


The student will only be compensated in modules totalling no more than 20 credits if they have successfully completed all other modules at that level and have an overall average for the level of at least 40%.

Is there a reassessment fee?

Students taking reassessments will not be charged. All students are entitled to one reassessment attempt (except where prohibited as a result of the decision of an academic malpractice panel).

Pleased to announce that after discussions with University Of Chester they are continuing to NOT CHARGE for examination resits. Benefiting students by keeping the money in your pocket!” – Jonathan Harper, CSU President (2016).

What happens if I do not hand in my reassessment or turn up for an exam?

It is extremely important that you resubmit all outstanding components as failure to submit/attend at the second or third attempt will lead to your studies being terminated.

What happens if I fail my reassessments?

Rules on compensation still apply following reassessment. If you do not qualify for compensation you may be offered a third attempt (see below).

Will I be offered a third attempt at failed modules?

Students failing at second attempt are only granted a third attempt where they have resubmitted all components for which reassessment was due-non submission in any component at second attempt will lead to a termination of studies.

University of chester grading system

What happens if I fail my third attempt?

The rules on compensation still apply. If you do not qualify for compensation your studies will be terminated and you will not be allowed to continue on your programme of study.

Can I defer my reassessments?

If you have valid mitigating circumstances you may defer your reassessments but you may not be allowed to start the next year of your programme until you have successfully completed the outstanding assessment.

How is my final degree result calculated?

For Honours Degree students on a 360 credit programme All modules must be passed or compensated in order to complete the award: The classification is based on a weighted average of Level 5 (one third) and Level 6 (two thirds). The best 100 credits are used from each level. Level 4 marks do not contribute to the classification, although the modules must be passed or compensated for the award to be made.