University of Cambridge Contact

University of Cambridge Contact

Feedback and general contact details

Please send comments, corrections and/or suggestions to We will do our best to forward more general comments and questions to other parts of the University, but it will be quicker if you contact them direct.

A number of useful contact addresses and phone numbers are listed on this page. If you cannot find the telephone number you require, the phone number of the University switchboard is (01223) 337733.

Full lists of all Departments and Colleges are available. Email addresses for staff and students can be found in the email directory.

Undergraduate applications

Information about undergraduate courses and admissions is available online. Email queries about undergraduate admissions or courses should go either to the college concerned or to

Graduate applications

Information about admissions to graduate courses and research degrees is available online. Email queries about graduate admissions should go either to the college concerned or to

Press enquiries

Press should consult the page for access to information.

How to find the University

The Colleges and all parts of the University are spread over a large area of the city and surrounding area. The University has an indexed map, which is available online and can also be purchased on paper from the Press Bookshop, 1 Trinity Street, Cambridge, CB2 1SZ (
Links to the main sites are as follows:

Computing enquiries and reporting problems

University Information Services (UIS) has web pages at Enquiries to Questions and support about Computing facilities to

To report computer security problems originating from within see the information Information about Cambridge Computer Emergency Response Team is at and there is a form for Cambridge users to report incidents.

Detailed contact information & list of contacts

The central address for University business is:
The Old Schools,
Trinity Lane,
Cambridge CB2 1TN