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University of Buckingham

Buckingham is the UK’s only independent university. This means that it does not benefit from the same funding as other universities, and as a result the fees for students are higher. However, this also results in a unique course and experience.

Buckingham offers three start dates for degrees – January, July, and September. So if you want to travel between sixth form and university without taking a full gap year this may interest you. Whilst studying at Buckingham, the term dates differ as there is not a long summer vacation. Instead, the course is more intensive and you will receive your degree in 2 years rather than 3.



The University of Buckingham’s Library is on two sites. Both are wireless zones allowing you to connect your laptop to the network. Both libraries have photocopying and scanning equipment.


Hunter Street

  • Covers business and humanities subject areas
  • Has computer terminals for student use
  • Has an audio-visual room


Franciscan Library

  • Covers law and science subject areas


IT and Computing

Buckingham spends more per student on IT than most other UK universities. This means that there are well equipped computer rooms open 24 hours a day throughout term. All computers run Windows 2000, and have all the necessary software. There are 9 print stations on campus, so it is easy to find somewhere to print your work. Undergraduates are able to print their first 200 pages per term for free, and after that there is a small charge of 4p per page.

If you have any computer problems, dedicated support is available by email, phone, or in person. The university can provide one-on-one computer training sessions if you feel you would benefit and if you request them. Alongside your degree, you will receive regular group IT sessions to support the curriculum.

You can access the internet from any of the university PCs. If you bring your own computer, you can also benefit from free internet access in all study bedrooms, and the university has several free wifi “hotspots”.



You can hire a selection of sports equipment from the Sports Officer, located in the SU Office. Once you’ve got your equipment, there’s a wide range of activities to choose from!

General Information
Buckingham, UK
Hunter Street
MK18 1EG
01280 814080
SU/Guild website:
UCAS Code:
Private university
Total students:
Typical offers:
Applicants per place:
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Bridge
  • Football
  • Pool
  • Snooker
  • Squash
  • Table tennis
  • Tennis

Scheduled classes in aerobics and similar activities are also available.

There’s also a Fitness Centre, which is equipped with free weights, resistance and cardiovascular equipment. It’s open 24 hours and is located in Tanlaw Mill. Annual membership is just £40.

For more information, contact the Sports Officer on 01280 820342.



Since Buckingham is a small university, it can provide personal and individual attention.

All students are allocated a personal tutor who can offer advice on both academic and personal issues. Students can also contact the Student Support Department, or can talk to Residential Assistants if they have any problems with their accommodation or flatmates.

Students are also welcome to visit the Student Support Officer, Linda Luckhurst, with any problem they may have. If she isn’t able to help then she will arrange specialist help from within the university or from outside agencies.



Most students register with North End Doctors Surgery, which is located in the grounds of Buckingham Hospital.

The Wellness Centre, situated on Hunter Street Campus, offers a wide range of complementary therapies, including:

  • Reflexology
  • Seated acupressure massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Sports and remedial massage
  • Reiki
  • Holistic facials
  • Wellbeing coaching
  • Personal training


  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Transport

The university provides a minibus to travel between the three campuses. Local bus timetables are available from the SU building, or you can access them online. It takes less than half an hour to get to Milton Keynes on the bus, so you could easily go there for a day out.

The nearest train station is Milton Keynes, although there are also stations at Bicester and Bletchley. All of these can be easily reached by bus, or by taxi if you have a lot of luggage to carry.

Many students at Buckingham have their own car, and parking is provided. However, you will need to obtain a parking permit after you arrive at the university.


Careers service

You can drop in and see the careers advisors any time for a brief chat. If you need more advice, you can book longer sessions with a careers advisor. These are usually available within 5 days of your initial enquiry.

The careers library has a wealth of information on many topics, including:

  • Details of several hundred career destinations
  • Current vacancy details from UK-based and multi-national employers
  • Part-time and vacation work opportunities for students
  • An extensive library of employer brochures, detailing graduate training programmes and including application forms
  • Information about studying and research opportunities at universities in the UK, Europe, USA and beyond
  • Comprehensive Law Section
  • Information on Professional Institutes such as ACCA, CIMA


Part-time jobs

The careers service can help you find a part time job. They have published a list of places you may like to contact to help you with your search.

They advise that you limit your part time job to a maximum of 16 hours per week.


Religous facilities

Since Buckingham is only a small town, most of the religious facilities nearby are churches. For other religions, you need to go to Oxford or Milton Keynes. There are several societies that you can join, such as the Christian Society or Islamic society – or you could even set up your own! The university has a list of nearby places of worship.


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Bars, Pubs and clubs

You’ll find many pubs in Buckingham. For clubs, you’ll have to go further afield to somewhere like Milton Keynes, so be careful you don’t get too drunk and spend all your money on a night out. You’ll need some way to get home!



Accommodation policy

All new students are guaranteed a place in halls of residence. Students are required to live in or around Buckingham during term time, and their accommodation office will help you find a suitable place to live. They will even help provide accommodation when your family come to visit you, which may be especially helpful for international students.

  • Facilities
  • Residences
  • Private sector
  • Student union
  • Prices
  • Environment
  • Architecture


Local area

Buckingham is about a 30 minute drive away from Oxford and Milton Keynes. It’s also quite close to Silverstone, if you’re into motor sport.

Buckingham itself is a market town which has grown rapidly in the past 25 years.



Teaching quality

Since Buckingham is a private university, it doesn’t have to comply with the same testing and standards as other UK universities. However, they voluntarily had a QAA audit in 2004. You can read this report here

Buckingham Law School is ranked 20th by the Guardian’s law league table.

Buckingham regularly is top of the league tables for student satisfaction.


Applying to Buckingham

Thinking of applying to Buckingham? Why not read some Personal Statements which were used for applying here?

If you’re an international student and would like extra advice on how to make an application, you can contact one of their approved agents who will guide you through the process. Note that this is optional, and agents may charge a fee for the service.




Applying through UCAS

If you wish, you can apply through UCAS. The procedure is the same as for applying to any other UK university, so you may wish to read the notes on UCAS Apply. The campus code for Buckingham is B90, and the course codes can be easily found amongst the information for the relevant course.



Applying directly

Since Buckingham is a private university, you can apply directly if you wish. If you’re applying to other universities at the same time, you can apply to UCAS in addition to any other choices you may make through UCAS – so you’re allowed your 5 choices through UCAS and Buckingham as an extra.


Applying online

The easiest way to apply directly is by filling in their online form. You don’t have to fill it in all in one go, as you can save it and access it later. They recommend you save your application at least every 15 minutes to avoid losing anything and having to start over.

You will still need to submit your reference and other supporting documents by post. Full details of this are given when you have completed the online application.

If you want to see what information the online form asks for, you can download a copy of the form and practise filling it in. You can also download notes on applying, and it is a good idea to read those.


Applying offline

If you don’t want to fill in the online form, you can download and print an application form which you need to post to the university. If you have problems downloading the form, or simply want them to send you a copy, you can also contact the Admissions Office at and ask them to send you a copy.

This form is the same as the online form. You will need to send your exam certificates or transcript along with your completed form.


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