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University of Buckingham It Services

University of Buckingham It Services

IT Services

IT Services provides, maintains and supports a complete range of IT facilities for students, staff, researchers and support staff. Support can be found through our Digital Assistant or the Helpdesk based at the Hunter Street site.

Buckingham is committed to providing reliable and accessible resources to all students and is always investing in the future with projects such as the Mac© Design Suite for Media students, Wi-Fi access across the campus and specialist software for different subjects.

Study is also supported by our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Moodle, which gives students access to notes, further reading and a portal to contact fellow students and their tutors. And of course our IT Helpdesk is always happy to support our students, whether they are using specialist equipment, or simply having trouble checking their email.


Nortons House from Hunter Street

Norton House from Hunter Street – entrance is via the driveway, at the right of the picture

IT Services is based in Norton House, on Hunter Street. For easy access, the IT Services Helpdesk, the central point of contact for help and advice about all the University’s IT facilities, is located on the ground floor of Norton House, next to the main entrance and you’ll always find someone there between 09:00 and 17:00 on weekdays.

Norton House is location “4” on the Hunter Street & Chandos Road site map. For safety, the main entrance is not straight onto Hunter Street (quiet though it is) but towards the back of the building; access is via the driveway between Norton House and Nortons Place (i.e. opposite Manor Street). A ramp has been built for wheelchair access and reserved disabled parking marked out.

Telephone: +44 (0)1280 820248
Fax: +44 (0)1280 820278
Digital Assistant:
Location: Norton House, Hunter Street

All computer rooms are equipped with internal telephones for you to be able to call us directly. Please remember to carry your uCard wherever you go on campus; if you contact the Helpdesk we will ask for identification. The Helpdesk is more than happy to help you with your IT queries.

Our Helpdesk email address ( and Digital Assistant can often be used outside normal office hours for a speedy response.


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