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University of Buckingham Research Degrees Handbook

University of Buckingham Research Degrees Handbook

Research Handbook


As a research student you are an important member of the University’s academic community. You will become an expert in your field, maybe even a world expert. You will work closely with staff and may, with the approval of your supervisor and head of department, perform teaching or other responsibilities for undergraduate or taught Master’s students.

Research can be a lonely occupation and requires a great deal of self-discipline, even for the most dedicated scholar. Do take advantage of the help offered by your supervisor, your department, and other departments and agencies both within and outside the University.

Your relationship with your supervisor is vital to the success of your studies. If you encounter any difficulties with your studies or with any other aspect of University life, try initially to resolve them with your supervisor. If this is not possible, then refer the matter to your Research Officer.

If your first language is not English, and you would like to improve your language skills, you are advised to visit the Language Centre and seek the advice of EFL staff. They will recommend videos, cassette tapes, and study-skills leaflets and can advise on English language classes if these are considered appropriate.

Buckingham has developed a strong welfare system to address any problems you may have.  The Student Welfare team is organised under the leadership of the Senior Tutor who has responsibility for pastoral care and also deals with breaches of general regulations.  The team also consists of two Deputy Senior Tutor with specific responsibility for disciplinary issues, and the administration of the Student Hardship Fund. The Senior Tutors work closely with the Student Welfare Department. This supports students’ physical and emotional welfare as well as their academic learning. The department comprises of a Welfare Adviser, a Welfare Officer, a Counsellor and a Learning Support/Disability Officer as well as two secretaries. It offers support, advice and a referral service to students experiencing or wishing to discuss personal concerns, and emotional or physical health issues.

In order to ensure that you are making satisfactory progress and to give you an opportunity to express any concerns about your studies, you will be subject to periodical reviews held at least once each year. These reviews will also give you an opportunity to prepare for your final viva voce examination (if applicable).

Make sure you are familiar with the process of annual review and the requirements for submission of your thesis (see the procedures in this handbook), and discuss with your supervisor the arrangements for the viva voce so that you can be properly prepared.

The Handbook

You can download the full Research Degrees Handbook 2017 (a PDF file of 1.2 MB) or the individual sections in PDF format.

Contents and introduction

1. Higher degrees
2. Roles and responsibilities of research officer, supervisor, student
3. Regulations
4. Procedures for postgraduate studies by research
5. Rules and guidelines for the form and submission of theses


1. Application form:

2. Checklist for Registration of a Research Student (this is a RTF file of 494 KB)
3. Guidelines for the Annual Review

4. New Research Programme Approval Form
5. Notice of Intention to Submit a Thesis for a Higher Degree form (this is a Word file)
6. Progress Report Template (this is a PDF file of 10 KB)
7. Code of practice for study by research (this is a PDF file of 24 KB)
8. Postgraduate feedback questionnaire (this is a RTF file of 3.93 MB)
9. Application for extension of time (this is a RTF file of 88 KB)
10. Supervisor workload monitoring form (this is a RTF file of 238 KB)
11. Grade descriptors for MA by Research (this is a PDF file of 13 KB)
12. Grade descriptors for MSc by Research (this is a PDF file of 14 KB)
13. Grade descriptors for LLM by Research (this is a PDF file of 22 KB)
14. External examiners’ nomination and approval form (this is a RTF file of 288 KB)
15. Instructions to Examiners for Higher Degrees (this is a PDF file of 91 KB)
16. Report on thesis submitted for a research degree (this is a Word file of 122 KB)
17. Transfer from MSc / MA / LLM to MPhil / DPhil meeting report form (this is a Word file of 97 KB)
18. Restriction on Access to a Thesis/Dissertation  (this is a PDF file of 53 KB)
19. UK Quality Code: Chapter B11: Research Degrees (Indicators and Expectations) (this is a PDF file of 31 KB)


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