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GMC Registration by Sponsorship Scheme

The University of Buckingham School of Medicine has acquired GMC sponsorship status.  This means that the School may recommend students for GMC registration following a rigorous in-house induction and selection programme conducted during the first three months of joining the clinical MD programme.  Acquisition of GMC registration by this route (as an alternative to writing the PLAB examination) will enhance the clinical learning experience for successful sponsorship candidates at an early stage of their course.  Following completion of the MD programme successful MD graduates will gain full GMC registration (subject to satisfactory reports of performance and conduct throughout the MD course) which will be valid permanently.

The GMC will receive regular and ongoing feedback from the University regarding all sponsorship candidates’ progress during the entire tenure of their MD training.

Candidates who are not eligible to seek GMC registration by sponsorship will be given every encouragement to sit the PLAB examination, and all candidates will be encouraged and supported to sit MRCP(UK), should they so desire.

Applications for GMC Registration by Sponsorship Scheme

For general information on how to apply, see Entry requirements and application process.

In addition to meeting our entrance criteria, those seeking GMC registration by sponsorship must observe the following requirements:

  • Applicants must have passed the IELTS test and obtained a minimum overall score of 7.5 and 7.0 in each and every section.
  • Applicants must have worked full-time for at least 2 years in a hospital training position (after the completion of one year of post-qualification rotating internship).
  • Applicants must be engaged in full-time clinical practice in a medical specialty for the whole of the year leading up to commencing studies on the University of Buckingham Clinical MD course.
  • Applicants must not have applied previously for registration with the GMC or have previously failed the PLAB test.
  • Application to the GMC for registration via the University of Buckingham Sponsorship scheme must be submitted within 3 months of commencement of the Clinical MD course at Ealing Hospital. For all practical purposes this means that candidates wishing to seek GMC registration by sponsorship must indicate their intentions to UBPMS BEFORE COMMENCING THEIR COURSE.

The following documents must be submitted in advance of commencement of your Clinical MD Studies for all candidates seeking registration via sponsorship :

  • Current and up-to-date CV
  • Proof of identity & Visa
  • Evidence of qualifications (check that your primary medical qualification is accepted by the GMC)
  • Proof of English language proficiency (IELTS) [Note: must show minimum score of 7 in ALL sections]
  • Reference letters
  • Official translations of any documents not in English
  • A Certificate of Good Standing. [Note: This document is usually valid for 3 months or less from the date of issue, please therefore delay obtaining this document so that it may be submitted to coincide with your application for registration by University of Buckingham Sponsorship, i.e. towards the end of the 3-month induction and assessment period for sponsorship candidates.]

Candidates who wish to be considered for selection to take part in the UBPMS GMC Registration by Sponsorship Scheme will be offered a teleconference interview in advance of their arrival in the UK, to explore their suitability for the programme. The interview will review candidates’ CV, clinical knowledge, communication skills and understanding of matters involving clinical ethics.


Candidates who are successful in the tele-/video-conference interview and who are accepted on our MD programme will be asked to deposit the first instalment of tuition fees.  These candidates will then have a 3-month induction period during which they will be closely monitored and continuously assessed.

On completion of a period of 3 months of intensive supervised clinical induction, the candidates’ progress will be reviewed by the faculty panel. Provided a favourable report is achieved from the panel, candidates will then undertake a structured formal interview conducted by the UBPMS professorial faculty. If the candidate is successful in the structured interview, his / her name will be put forward by the Medical School to the GMC with a recommendation to award full GMC registration by sponsorship.


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