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Friendships made at Buckingham last a lifetime, and the support you receive doesn’t end once you graduate. With an invaluable network of in-country alumni associations and a number of social and business events held frequently and across the world, the Alumni Office will always keep you in touch with the University and fellow graduates.



University of Buckingham Alumni Association

A lot of alumni look back on their time at the University of Buckingham with fondness. It was a time of discovery and achievement. Here, they made friends with other students from all over the world; broadening their experiences and developing links. With at least 89 different nationalities on campus at any one time being here was a truly multi-cultural experience

UBAA exists so that these unique relationships continue after graduation. We provide a platform for keeping our alumni in touch with the University and each other so that personal and professional bonds can be continued, be re-established, or perhaps even started from scratch.

We recognise the value of our alumni to the University, not just in their ability to spread the word about Buckingham amongst the International community, but also in their willingness to support local fundraising projects and to provide current students with career advice and opportunities.



Vision: To keep The University of Buckingham in the hearts of all alumni.



Mission: Connect the alumni with each other, the University and other interested parties to raise the profile of the University of Buckingham.



How this will be achieved:

  • Facilitate networking and communications, both in the UK and internationally.
  • Fundraising for initiatives that will benefit the University and/or the alumni.
  • Improving the social and cultural life of the University.
  • Offering post-University career opportunities.
  • Maintaining independent governance whilst working in partnership with the University.


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How can UBAA help you?

Whether you are a current student or one of our valued alumni, please contact to find out how UBAA can help you.

Lorinda Long
Lorinda Long
(LLB, 1985)


A qualified barrister specialising in financial services. Previously worked for Lloyds Group Corporate Treasury, HBOS plc, Credit Suisse, Paribas and NatWest as a capital markets / securitisation lawyer. Member of the Bar Council and also sits on the University Council.

Chris Doe
Chris Doe
(Marketing, 2010)


Graduated with First Class honours, and was awarded the Edgar Palamountain prize. Manages the Marketing activities on a £25m account in a multinational organisation; supporting a number of prestigious brands.