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University of Buckingham Accommodation

University of Buckingham Accommodation

Apply for Accommodation

Room offers are made in the order that applications are received, with priority going to those students who are new to the University. If you have confirmed your place at Buckingham you should apply now.

Please make sure that you have read and understood our terms and conditions before you apply for and accept a place in University accommodation. Click here for our terms and conditions. You will be entering into a legally binding contract for which there is no opt-out clause.  Unless there are serious extenuating circumstances, you will be financially liable for the whole duration of your contract.

All new accommodation contracts are for a minimum of 4 terms (3 terms if you are a Medical School student).

We do not ask for an accommodation deposit when you apply for accommodation initially.  In order to confirm your room booking you are required to pay for the first term within 10 days of being made your room offer (this may be before you receive your Student Loan.)

If you are joining us in July 2017 you may apply now.  Room offers will be made week commencing 15 May 2017.  Click here to apply.

If you are joining us in September 2017 you may apply now.  Room offers will be made week commencing 21 August 2017.
In order to be guaranteed a place in University accommodation please apply for your accommodation before 31 July 2017. Click here to apply.

Please note – the accommodation fees will be subject to a price increase in January 2018. If you have already applied for your accommodation we would advise you to check the 2018 prices carefully to ensure your preferences are still within your budget.  Please contact the Accommodation Office if you would like to change your preferences.

Please contact the Accommodation Office if you have any questions.  Contact us.

Living On Campus


Students are required to live in or around Buckingham during term time and, unlike some universities, we are able to guarantee accommodation for all new students for their first four terms of study (providing you have booked and paid for your accommodation within the required timescale). Our safe and beautiful university is small enough for everything to be within walking distance. Study & lecture rooms, the library, computers, social facilities and accommodation are all just a short walk from each other.


Living Off Campus

The Mitre Public House in BuckinghamBuckingham town and the surrounding villages provide a range of accommodation, from cosy cottages to modern flats. Please make sure you organise your accommodation before you arrive at the University as we don’t, unfortunately, have rooms for temporary stays while you look for private accommodation.

We can help you by supplying:

Please contact us for further details on any of the above.

Special Accommodation Requirements

Married accommodationA limited amount of accommodation for married couples is available but, unfortunately, this is not suitable for families with children.

Disabled accommodation

A small number of ground floor rooms have wheelchair access and are close to specially constructed shower/WC facilities.

All-female accommodation

As all the halls of residence are designed for mixed occupancy, female-only accommodation is limited and, we regret, cannot be guaranteed.

Medical conditions

If you have a medical condition which will affect your room needs, please speak to the Accommodation Office for advice as you may need a medical certificate or other evidence to support your request.

Other special needs

If you have any other concerns, such as matters relating to your religion, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the Accommodation Office for advice.

Accommodation Price List

Accommodation charges are based on weekly rates. Fees will be due by the first day of each term, as detailed on your invoice and on your accommodation licence.  Please click here for details of termly costs if you are starting in July or September 2017.

Hall Number of rooms 2017
Weekly rate
Weekly rate
Nortons Place 8 £215.77 £230.00 Married accommodation
Hailsham House 39 £112.89 £115.14 Standard room
3 £116.60 £125.00 Corner room
24 £179.57 £180.46 Ensuite
16 £186.55 £187.48 Premium ensuite
3 £191.47 £192.42 Large corner room ensuite
Hutber House 20 £108.65 £110.82 Quiet, standard room
Sunley House 17 £179.57 £180.46 Ensuite
4 £182.67 £183.58 Ensuite with patio door
12 £186.55 £187.48 Premium ensuite
6 £186.85 £187.78 Premium ensuite with patio door
Bishops Court 1 £105.00 £110.00 Flat, quiet, very small
9 £130.72 £133.33 Flat, quiet, smaller
17 £137.02 £139.76 Flat, quiet, larger
6 £161.95 £162.75 Flat, quiet, ensuite / private bathroom
Mitre Court 22 £145.22 £148.12 Flat
3 £182.85 £200.00 Flat, self-contained
4 £196.10 £215.00 Flat, self-contained, large
Beloff House 66 £153.18 £156.24 Ensuite
Caine House 27 £115.50 £117.81 Standard room
3 £148.11 £151.07 Ensuite
6 £189.52 £215.00 Self-contained
Paulley House 42 £115.50 £117.81 Standard room
Bateman House 42 £115.50 £117.81 Standard room
Harris House 42 £148.11 £151.07 Ensuite
25 London Road 1 £125.05 £125.67 House, smaller
3 £132.22 £134.86 House, larger
Moreton Road Houses 20 £182.70 £184.52 House, ensuite
16 £158.85 £159.64 House, large
20 £131.44 £134.06 House, medium
4 £122.81 £125.26 House, small / medium
21 £89.32 £91.10 House, small
Moreton Road Flats 5 £182.70 £184.52 Flat, ensuite
1 £162.76 £163.57 Flat, large
11 £134.68 £137.37 Flat, medium
4 £91.52 £93.35 Flat, small

Prices are set by the Director of Finance and are subject to review each year.

All students have the opportunity to use the kitchen facilities as rents do not include meals. On each campus catering facilities are available. The Refectory is at the Hunter Street campus and there is a smaller coffee shop at Verney Park, both serving drinks and hot and cold food.