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University Of Bristol Yoga Classes

Classes are taught by qualified Iyengar yoga teacher Jess Wallwork and are designed to help you develop strength, stamina, steadiness and flexibility. Regular practice of yoga can help you maintain physical health and mental well-being, promoting more balance and harmony in your life.

All classes are suitable for complete beginners as well as those with experience. The emphasis will be on learning the basic asanas, starting with the standing poses, and there will be encouragement to develop a personal (home) practice.

Yoga Group meets at various times throughout the week in the Wills Memorial Building.

Dedicated changing facilities are not provided. You are welcome to change in the yoga room itself (many of us do this) or you may prefer to make your own arrangements (e.g. change before you come, or in the loos).

The group is run on a voluntary basis. Presently it is being run by Dr Matt Dietz and Dr Sarah Dietz, both current employees of the University.

How to join

The group is open to everyone who is eligible to use the Staff Social facilities but please note spaces are limited.  Before attending classes, you must fill out a short health questionnaire Yoga Group Medical Form (PDF, 38kB)Yoga Group Medical Form (PDF, 38kB)Yoga Group Medical Form (PDF, 38kB)‌ and send it to Jess Wallwork.  Please send any general enquiries to Sarah and Matt.


Payment is taken via the University’s online shop. The classes have to be paid for in a block and in advance.

Please note that fees are non-refundable. The only exception to this is where a medical condition prevents you from continuing. If this is the case, you will need to speak to us prior to cancelling.


Classes are available in blocks corresponding with Bristol City Council school terms. See below for dates.

Yoga Timetable April/May 2017 (Block 5)
Dates Time Venue Cost Buy Teacher
Tuesday morning

Tuesday 25 April to Tuesday 23 May 2017 (5 weeks)

07.30 – 08.30 25/4/17 1.5

2/5/17 1.5

9/5/17   L102

16/5/17 L102

23/5/17 L102

£27.50 Click to buy Jess Wallwork
Tuesday lunchtime

Tuesday 25 April to Tuesday 23 May 2017 (5 weeks)

12:50 – 13.50 All classes are in Room L102 £27.50 Click to buy Jess Wallwork
Wednesday lunchtime

Wednesday 26 April to Wednesday 24 May 2017 (5 weeks)

12:50 – 13.50 26/4/17 1.5

3/5/17 1.5

10/5/17   L102

17/5/17 L102

24/5/17 L102

£27.50 Click to buy Jess Wallwork


Sign up to the mailing list (see below) to be first to hear when the next block goes on sale.


If you have any questions about your suitability for the classes or health issues you need to discuss – in particular if you have recently had surgery, a severe illness or other medical condition or injury (especially spine or neck related) – please contact the teacher, Jess Wallwork, before the classes begins, by emailing For all other enquiries (membership, payment, times, location, comments, etc) please contact Matt and Sarah Dietz on

Mailing list

Sign up to the Yoga Group mailing list for information about future classes by sending an email to with the subject: subscribe staff-club-yoga-list.
Unsubscribe at any time by emailing with the subject: unsubscribe staff-club-yoga-list.

If you have any problems subscribing/unsubscribing, please email and we will add/remove you manually.