University Of Bristol Remote Desktop

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University Of Bristol Remote Desktop

This service offers full access to a University student desktop from home or from a University wireless connection.To get started, click on a button below and save the connection file to your desktop or other convenient location.

Both options connect to the same service but are optimised to be more responsive depending on your connection.

What you can access on the Remote Desktop

The remote desktop gives you access to a range of software. You can check if specific software is available on the Remote Desktop by searching the Software Catalogue (

You can save directly back to your University o: storage drive, ready for the next time you are on site. You will also be able to print either to your local printer or to University printers.

Where can you access the Remote Desktop

  • You can also use this system from your own laptop on campus, using Eduroam, the University Wireless network.
  • You can also access the service from the University portal My Bristol, under the Technology tab.