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University Of Bristol Parking

Car parking at the University of Bristol

  • Demand for car parking at the University is high.
  • To make best use of limited resources and allocate spaces as fairly as possible.
  • To support the University’s Travel Plan and encourage the use of alternative means of transport when studying, visiting or working at the University.

Parking information

The University currently has a number of parking policies covering different University locations. Click on the links in the table below to access the relevant pages.

Location What is covered
Precinct & satellite sites Car parks located in the main teaching campus and associated buildings


Staff & contractors

Car parks located at University halls of residences
Langford Car parks located at Langford Veterinary Services and School of Veterinary Sciences
Coombe Dingle Sports Complex Currently no parking policy covering this site

Other ways of travelling to the University

Information on all means of transport can be found within the travel and transport section.