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RCUK and COAF funding for gold open access


The University has limited funding available to cover gold open access publication costs for articles published by Bristol authors which acknowledge RCUK or COAF funding. To be eligible for funding, articles must:

  • Be peer reviewed and not commissioned;
  • Acknowledge funding from at least one RCUK or COAF body;
  • Have a corresponding author affiliated to the University of Bristol;
  • Be published under a CC BY attribution licence in a journal which complies with funder requirements. Papers published under other licences (e.g. CC BY-NC) are not eligible for funding.

Papers where the corresponding author is not Bristol-affiliated

These may still be eligible for funding if the paper has another Bristol-affiliated author. Please contact the Open Access Team for further advice:

Apply for gold open access funding

Make a claim

If your paper meets the criteria above, follow these steps to apply for gold open access funding:

  1. Check that the journal you want to publish in complies with your funders’ requirements for gold open access: this can done via Sherpa/FACT
  2. When your article has been accepted for publication, complete an open access claim form to log your claim. The Open Access Team will check your request, notify you whether your claim has been accepted, and provide you with further instructions.
  3. When your claim has been accepted, submit the relevant request-to-publish forms to the publisher. You should:
    1. Select CC BY attribution as the publication licence to comply with funder requirements.
    2. Check our publisher deals and payments page to find the correct payment method for your publisher (invoice or prepay) and see if any discounts apply.
  4. If you receive any subsequent correspondence from the publisher about the payment (e.g. invoices, payment links), please forward this on to the Open Access Team:

Gold open access for authors with no RCUK or COAF funding

If your research does not have RCUK or COAF funding, the University may have arrangements with your publisher which cover the publication costs or entitle you to a discounted publication fee. Our publisher deals and payments page lists publisher deals and discounts which are available to University of Bristol authors.

Authors with no RCUK or COAF funding who wish to publish via gold open access can also contact their department or research funder to see if alternative funding is available. Authors may also contact publishers directly to enquire about publication charge reductions or waivers for those without funding.