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Guidelines for the Matlab network licence

Engineering has a large network licence for Matlab – details of the products currently on the licence can be found here.

All departments in the University are welcome to subscribe to this licence and benefit from it. The success of the licence depends on a spirit of cooperation amongst the departments involved and we do not try to apportion exact costs between departments. There is an element of give and take, but we expect that all departments involved will ultimately benefit.

The 2011/12 subscription rates are £600+vat for Science departments and £1,208+vat for Engineering departments. Outside of Science and Engineering the rate is negotiated according to the level of use. The payment is due on 1 January each year to coincide with the maintenance renewal date. All monies collected are invested into the licence, to pay for the software maintenance and to buy extra copies to cover normal increases in use.

If your department generates a large increase in use of a toolbox that the licence cannot provide for (for example you start using a toolbox as part of a scheduled class), we will expect you to pay for extra copies to cover that use or desist from that use (otherwise you will create difficulties for other people who use that toolbox). Similarly, if you would like a new toolbox adding to the licence, we expect you to fund the initial purchase of 5 copies of that toolbox (or more if you anticipate a greater need in your department).

If you withdraw from the licence in the future you have no residual rights to continue using the software, and you cannot reclaim licences that you have funded.

The number of copies of each product is finite (details here) and we may occasionally run out of some licences for some products. However, we intend to meet all needs for core products. Please let us know if you regard any products as “core” (apart from Matlab itself – that is taken as read).

The licence server is hosted on a reliable system but we may encounter very occasional glitches with it. We will pre-notify any scheduled maintenance to departmental Matlab contacts.

The licence covers all platforms supported by MathWorks (Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X).

Although it is a network licence, you can still install Matlab locally. The restriction is that you can only run Matlab whilst connected to the UoB network (as you need to check out licences from a licence server).

Use of the licence is subject to the normal MathWorks Software License Agreement for an academic concurrent licence. In particular, the software can only be installed on university-owned or controlled computers, only used for teaching and non-commercial academic research, and only used in the UK. Commercial use, including commercial research, is strictly prohibited.

Staff can remotely access the licence server (for example if they take a university-owned computer off campus) by first connecting to the Engineering VPN. Follow the instructions for setting up the UOB VPN ,but in the VPN tab of the Properties page choose “ENGF VPN” when setting up for Windows or, if setting up for a MAC or Linux, choose “” as the server.

Staff and students are allowed to remotely access university-owned computers to run the software (for example by connecting to a university multi-user machine, or by taking remote control of their university desktop computer). Note that the licence agreement restricts all these options to the UK (users are not permitted to access or run the software from outside the UK).

There are usually departments looking for standalone licences for Matlab. If you have any unwanted standalone licences in current maintenance, please get in touch and we can probably put you in contact with a buyer.

If you have any questions, or if your department is interested in joining the licence, please contact the IT Service Desk.