University Of Bristol A Level Requirements

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University Of Bristol A Level Requirements

Entry requirements and qualifications

UK qualifications

Please see our information on UK qualifications for undergraduate entry.

When completing your UCAS application please give the exact name and level of your qualification.

  • A-levels
  • BTEC qualifications
  • Access to HE Diploma qualifications
  • Cambridge Pre-U qualifications
  • GCSE qualifications
  • Degree-level qualifications
  • Extended Project Qualification



  • If a course requires particular subjects, we specify this in the course details. Some courses apply a weighting to other (non-specified) subjects. Find out more in the admissions statement.
  • Native languages. We will accept a native language A-level as one of your A-level subjects.
  • General Studies is not included in our offers, and we do not consider it in the academic assessment of applications.


  • Re-sits. Some courses have restrictions on applicants re-sitting their A-levels. The admissions statement makes this clear.

Statement on A-level and GCSE reforms

BTEC qualifications

  • We will accept the BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in place of 1 GCE A-level, provided this is not in a specified subject, where:
    • D* = A*
    • D = A
    • M = B
  • We will accept the BTEC Diploma in place of 2 A-levels, provided this is not in a specified subject, where:
    • D* = A*
    • D = A
    • M = B
  • We will accept the BTEC Extended Diploma provided it is in a subject relevant to the course. We may request distinctions in particular units, and some courses may ask for an additional A-level to satisfy subject requirements. Specialist QCF qualifications are not generally accepted.

Access to HE Diploma qualifications

We need to know the exact name of your qualification, and which modules you are taking at Level 2 and Level 3.

In some cases an additional A-level may be required to satisfy subject requirements. Please see the course details for more information.

Cambridge Pre-U qualifications

The University accepts the Cambridge Pre-U as satisfying general entry requirements, and formulates offers on an equivalent basis with other level 3 qualifications.

Cambridge Pre-U subjects need to be principal subjects. For guidance, please see the course details page.

GCSE qualifications

If you have not had the opportunity to study GCSEs (for example, if you came to the UK for education later in life), we may be able to use other subsequent or equivalent qualifications to assess whether you meet these requirements.

International GCSEs (IGSCEs)

We accept iGCSEs as equivalent to GCSEs.

Subjects and grades

  • If a course requires particular GCSE subjects and/or grades, we specify this in the course details.
  • You can find out what weighting we give to GCSE grades in the admissions statement.
  • Resits: we will accept resits for GCSEs where necessary, this must be declared in your application.

Degree-level qualifications

If you are currently studying for a degree, please provide details of the modules studied and grades achieved to date, as well as all your post-16 qualifications (GCSEs onwards).

Extended Project Qualification

We recognise the value of the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) as a useful introduction to the way you will study at university.

International qualifications

We accept a wide range of international qualifications.

English language requirements

You need to achieve a certain level of English to qualify for a place on your chosen course.

Each course specifies one of six language profiles, which is the level of English required for entry onto that particular course.

You do not need a Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) in English for any application to the University of Bristol.

Typical and contextual offers

When you check the entry requirements for individual courses, you will see two types of offer listed – typical and contextual.

Typical offer

The A-level or IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate) typical offer shows the grades we usually request when we make an offer.

We consider applications on their individual merit and the entry requirements shown are indicative only. If you receive an offer, it may differ slightly from the typical offer.

We welcome applicants with other UK qualifications equivalent to the typical offer. We accept a wide range of international qualifications.

Contextual offer

As part of our commitment to the UK national agenda on widening participation, we consider the educational context in which grades have been achieved and may offer you a contextual offer.

Contextual offers are usually two grades lower than the typical offer.

You may be eligible for a contextual offer if you are applying from a state school or college ranked in the bottom 40 per cent in one of these categories:

  • average score per A-level entry
  • average score per A-level entrant
  • percentage of students applying to higher education.

If you are currently attending school, you must apply through a school/college in this list to be eligible:

2016/17 schools and colleges eligible for contextual offer (PDF, 273kB)

If you are not currently attending school, you must have been in full-time education in the 2015/16 academic year at a school/college in this list:

2015/16 schools and colleges eligible for contextual offer (PDF, 258kB)

We use the ‘applying from’ school code or the education history on your UCAS form to determine your eligibility for a contextual offer. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure these are correct.

It is important to stress that a school/college’s inclusion on the contextual offer list is not a judgement of the quality of the school or college. We recognise that many of the schools and colleges on the list have been deemed outstanding in many respects