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Kissing Strangers – Bristol University – YouTube

This is the touching yet awkward moment nine pairs of students were asked to kiss on camera – despite having never met before.

The clip shows the 18 pupils greet each other for the first time followed by a few seconds of small talk before they go in for their first embrace and snog.

Despite having a reputation for being promiscuous on student nights, the shy smiles and laughs clearly show these students are not accustomed to kissing strangers – one lady even walks away mid-smooch.

The video, produced by the University of Bristol TV station, UBTV, and directed by Gemma Wilson, echos similar footage by Los Angeles-based filmmaker Tatia Pilieva in March in which 20 strangers were asked to lock lips on screen.

However, the way the British students react is somewhat more awkward than their American counterparts.

Station manager Will Pope was on hand to help out with producing and editing the UK clip, but declined to take part.

Will, a third year Classical Studies student, said: ‘When Gemma came to me with the idea for the shoot, I really wanted to get involved with the project.