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  • Will Hutton

    Will Hutton (BSc 1972, Hon LLD 2003)

    Will began his career as an investment analyst, before joining the BBC in 1978. He spent four years as Editor-in-Chief of The Observer, for whom he continues to write regularly.

  • Sarah Montague

    Sarah Montague (BSc 1987)

    Sarah joined the BBC in 1997, after working at Channel Television, Reuters and Sky News. She presented Newsnight and BBC News, before joining BBC Radio 4’s Today programme in 2002.

  • Dr Alison Smale

    Dr Alison Smale (BA 1977, Hon LLD 2009)

    Alison is Berlin Bureau Chief for the New York Times. In 2009, as the first female Executive Editor of the International Herald Tribune, she was described as ‘the most powerful British female journalist working outside of London’.

  • Nishtha Chugh  (MSci 2012)

    Nishtha is an award-winning journalist for Forbes. In 2013, she won the Guardian’s International Development Journalism Award, and in 2016 she was awarded a Winston Churchill Fellowship for her work on organ trafficking and transplants.

Sue Lawley OBE (BA 1967, Hon LLD 1989)
Former TV and radio broadcaster

Richard Brooks (BA 1968)
Arts Editor, The Sunday Times

David Christian-Edwards (BSc 1969)
Former Chief Sub Editor, Reuters

Alastair Stewart OBE (1970-1973, Hon LLD 1998)
Newsreader, ITV News

Nik Gowing (BSc 1973)
Former Presenter, BBC World News

Jan Dalley (BA 1973)
Arts Editor, Financial Times

Simon Barnes (BA 1973)
Former Chief Sports Writer, The Times

David Jordan (BSc 1975)
Head of Editorial Standards and Policy, BBC

Paul Appleby (BSc 1977)
Chair of Bristol Media; Director, VID Communications

Andy Law (BA 1978)

Author and columnist for The Huffington Post

Neil Koenig (BSc 1979)
Senior Producer, BBC

Misha Glenny (BA 1980)
Freelance journalist

Peter Gumbel (BA 1981)
Freelance journalist

Tristan Davies (1978–1982)
Executive Editor, The Sunday Times

Caroline Phillips (BSc 1982)
Freelance journalist

Anton La Guardia (BSc 1983)
EU Correspondent, The Economist

Lisa Armstrong (BA 1984)
Fashion Editor, The Telegraph

Martin Clarke (BA 1985)
Publisher, Mail Online

Tony Gallagher (BA 1985)
Editor-in-chief, The Sun

Alexandra Frean (BA 1985)
Washington Bureau Chief, The Times

David Eades (BA 1986)
Presenter, BBC World News and The World Tonight BBC Radio 4

Andrew Mullins (BSc 1986)
Chief Executive, Informa 

Paul Hayward (BA 1987)
Chief Sports Writer, The Telegraph

James Hider (LLB 1989)
Latin America Correspondent, The Times

Dominic Hughes (BSc 1989)
Health Correspondent, BBC News

Will Lewis (BSc 1990, Hon LLD 2010)
CEO, Dow Jones

James Landale (BSc 1990, MSc 1992, Hon LLD 2013)
Deputy Political Editor for BBC News

Laura Trevelyan (BSc 1990)
BBC World News America

Kate Gerbeau (BA 1991)
Presenter, British Forces News

Dominic Waghorn (BA 1991)
US Correspondent, Sky News

Susanna Reid (BSc 1992)
Presenter of Good Morning Britain, ITV

Peter Thal Larsen (BSc 1993)
Asia Editor, Reuter Breakingviews

Gideon Lichfield (BSc 1994)
Global News Editor, Quartz

Michael Aylwin (BSc 1994)
Sports writer, The Guardian

Isabel Oakeshott (BA 1996)
Political commentator

Mike Shaw (BA 1999)
Director, Times Educational Supplement (TES) Pro

Nick Clark (BA 2002)
Arts Editor, The Independent

Krissi Murison (BA 2003)
Associate Editor, The Sunday Times Magazine

Craig Woodhouse (BSc 2004)
Political Correspondent, The Sun on Sunday

Josh Burrows (BA 2008)
Sports Writer and Editor, The Times