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Please note that all funds have been allocated for the UoB Internships for 2016/17, therefore it won’t be possible to source your own internship as part of this scheme at this time. Internships advertised under this scheme on mycareer have been awarded funding.

The University runs an internship scheme that enables you to gain quality, paid work experience from SMEs (small or medium-sized enterprises) in the UK, including charities, social enterprises, and start-ups.

Internships are highly valuable, not only for gaining practical experience of the workplace which helps you stand out in the selection process, but also as a way into an organisation – employers increasingly recruit graduates from their pool of interns.

Working for an SME is a great way of developing a broad range of skills and knowledge. Being part of a small team often involves taking on a variety of tasks and responsibilities, and you will often be given more responsibility sooner than if you were working for a larger employer. You can also learn more about how a business works, and be more closely involved in helping an organisation grow.

Employers from a range of industries approach us to advertise vacancies and gain the funding we offer – these are advertised on mycareer.

If there are organisations you would like to work for that aren’t already involved in the scheme, you can approach them to make them aware of the funding offered. Please see below for further details.

Applying to be a UoB intern and related schemes