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You will be sent an email with a link for you to log in and access details of your accommodation offer. If you applied before 31 July your offer will be confirmed on Wednesday 23 August. If you apply by 31 August as a non-guaranteed student and we are able to make you an offer, it will be confirmed on Friday 1 September.

Your offer email normally contains the following information:

  • Name and address of residence
  • Type of room allocated
  • Accommodation fees and instalment information
  • Tenancy dates
  • Student residence conditions

Once your accommodation offer has been made, you will need to formally accept it online. Instructions are included in your offer email along with a deadline for accepting your offer. All rooms are allocated when the offers are made, there are no rooms left for moving people or changing rooms at this stage. Please note the following important information about your offer:

  • We will only make you one offer.
  • You normally have 3-4 days in which to accept your offer.
  • Due to the large numbers of applicants it can take a couple of days to process offers. If you do not receive your offer immediately don’t panic; check your email account later in the day and the next day before you contact us.

Check your offer email carefully. If you miss the deadline you will lose your room and we may not be able to offer you another.

What if I’m not happy with the room/residence I get offered?

Offers cannot be changed or cancelled when they are first made. We recommend that you accept your offer of accommodation so that you are guaranteed somewhere to live. If you are not happy with your offer then you can register your interest for a cancelled room by joining the pre-arrival waiting list – if another student does not accept their offer (for example because they’ve changed their mind about coming to University) and a vacancy becomes available, we will contact you. However, please note the following:

  • You must accept your accommodation offer before you can be considered for another room through the cancellation waiting list.
  • We can’t guarantee that a suitable alternative room will become available.

I’ve been offered a temporary shared room, what does that mean?

We occasionally need to double up some rooms at the start of term. In 2016 a total of 150 students had to share a room at the very start of term. By the end of November, all students who wanted their own room had been moved. Some of these temporary sharers chose to stay sharing for the rest of the academic year.

If your offer is for a temporary share, please do keep an open mind. These temporary shares are very short-term, can be a great way to meet new people at University and, because you pay a reduced fee while sharing, it’s a cost-saving option too.

I’ve accepted my accommodation offer, what happens next?

Once you’ve accepted your offer, naturally you’ll start to think about moving in to your new home! Your offer will contain a lot of information about your new residence, including the terms and conditions of living in University-allocated accommodation and the rules and regulations for your residence. You should take the time to read this information before you arrive so that you know what is expected of you as a tenant of the University.

Shortly after you’ve accepted your offer, you’ll receive a link to our online induction to living in University allocated accommodation. Visit our arrivals and moving in page for more information and the next steps for you to think about.

You don’t need to pay any accommodation fees at this stage, as long as you have accepted your offer of accommodation you will receive an invoice after you have fully registered at University.

I’m a non-guaranteed student, will I get an accommodation offer?

We realise that this is an anxious time for you but please try not to worry. Visit our non-guaranteed page for more information on what is available and your other accommodation options.