University of Bradford Timetabling Policy 3

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University of Bradford Timetabling Policy

University of Bradford Timetabling Policy 3

5. Requests for Changes to Published Timetables

Requests to change any part of a published timetable should be made through the Faculty Timetabler and must be approved by the Dean. Changes after the publication of the timetable may be requested for the following reasons:

a. Member of teaching staff on unforeseen sick leave; it is expected that teaching will be covered by an alternative member of staff wherever possible. Cancellation / postponement should be considered a last resort.

b. External speaker on sick leave, or unable to attend due to revised work commitments.

c. Health & safety issue in the room – water/gas leaks, etc. Insufficient heating (below 16C)

d. AV provision requires repair.

e. Unforeseen staff or student clashes with other teaching.

f. Room capacity inappropriate due to student numbers.

g. Recommendation by an external examiner or inspection body reviewing teaching delivery.

h. To accommodate a disability.

Deans are responsible for ensuring that programme changes are produced on time and that no further changes are made to programmes for that year.‌

Academic staff should ensure that they are aware of the guidance on student module changes when advising students.

University of Bradford Timetabling Policy 3

6. Ad-Hoc ‌Room Bookings

Ad-hoc and non-teaching room bookings in teaching space during teaching hours will not be confirmed until after the final timetable has been published, though may be requested before this time via the Timetabling and Attendance Office. Ad-hoc bookings should not be used for re-scheduled or any other student teaching. Such activities must go through the Faculty Timetabler.