University of Bradford Time Management Quiz

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University of Bradford Time Management Quiz

University of Bradford Time Management Quiz, Score yourself on the following questions:

2 = “always”



  • I do things in order of priority.
  • I accomplish what needs to be done during the day.
  • In the past, I have always got school work done during the day.
  • I feel I use my time effectively.
  • I tackle difficult or unpleasant tasks without wasting time.
  • I force myself to make time for planning.
  • I am spending enough time planning.
  • I prepare a daily or weekly ‘to do’ list.
  • I prioritize my list in order of importance, not urgency (importance is what you want to do, urgency is what you have to do.)
  • I am able to meet deadlines without rushing at the last minute.
  • In the past, I have kept up-to-date on my reading and school assignments.
  • I prevent interruptions from distracting me from high priority tasks.
  • I avoid spending too much time on trivial matters.
  • I feel I spend enough time on school work.
  • I plan time to relax and be with friends in my weekly schedule.
  • I have a weekly schedule on which I record fixed commitments.
  • I try to do the most important tasks during my most energetic periods of the day.
  • During Study Hall, I make use of free time to work on school work.
  • I regularly reassess my activities in relation to my goals.
  • I have discontinued any wasteful or unprofitable activities or routines.
  • I judge myself by accomplishment or tasks, rather than by amount of activity or “busy-ness”
  • I decide what needs to be done and am not controlled by events or what other people want me to do.
  • I have a clear idea of what I want to accomplish during the coming year.
  • I am satisfied by the way I use my time.
  • I usually turn up on time for commitments.

Your Score

47-50 Points: Congratulations! You are an excellent manager of your own time!

38-46: Generally you are a good time manager.

30-37: You are managing your time fairly well, but sometimes feel overwhelmed.

25-36: Your life is likely to be stressful and less than satisfying unless you take steps to begin to manage your time more effectively.

Less than 25 points: Your life is out of control!