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The Eye Clinic

We offer a complete primary eye care service to the general public as well as to students and staff of the University and their families.

We work closely with other healthcare professionals in the region, and welcome the referral of patients into any of our clinics for further diagnostic tests. A referral form is available for this purpose.

The Clinic was opened in 1997 with the primary purpose of providing a high quality learning environment for final year Optometry students. The services we provide are identical to those offered by most Opticians in Bradford and throughout the UK, with the addition of some specialist clinics.

The clinic is an easily accessible, single storey building and benefits from comfortable, spacious testing areas, high quality instrumentation, and friendly and helpful staff. Our experienced clinical staff include Optometrists, Dispensing Opticians and Orthoptists.

Clinical services

We operate a broad range of optometric clinics along with a number of specialist clinics:

Primary Care Clinic

Comprehensive eye examinations (sight tests) are undertaken in this clinic. We also provide screening for those working on computers.

Spectacle Dispensing Clinic 

Our clinic stocks an impressive collection of the latest spectacle frames with a range of prices to suit you.

Contact Lens Clinic

We offer a wide range of the most up-to-date contact lenses and can undertake both fitting and aftercare appointments. We also offer a specialist contact lens service to cater for those requiring complex lenses or orthokeratology lenses.

Advanced Clinical Assessment Clinic

Specialist equipment is used to undertake a more detailed investigation of the eyes. Patients may be referred into this clinic from our other clinics, or from healthcare and eyecare professionals outside the University.

Binocular Vision Clinic

Assessment of patients with `lazy eye’ and other conditions that cause problems with the coordination of the two eyes.

Vision and Reading Clinic

We provide specialist assessment of patients with reading difficulties that may be related to specific problems with their eyesight. Spectacles/contact lenses, eye exercises or coloured filters may be recommended. Patients under the care of this clinic include some individuals with dyslexia.

Paediatric Clinic

A clinic specifically designed to examine children and infants in a friendly, relaxed environment.

Low Vision Clinic

A clinic for those with permanently reduced vision that cannot be satisfactorily corrected using spectacles or contact lenses.

Visual Electrodiagnostic Testing Unit

This unit undertakes the key diagnostic tests that form part of the clinical ophthalmological assessment of patients who may be suffering from a variety of hereditary or acquired eye disorders.

Contact us

If you would like to make an appointment in any of our clinics, please phone one of our receptionists on:

Tel: 01274) 234649 or call in (map and directions).