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How to Access Online Resources at University of Bradford

To have full access to our online books, journals and databases you must be a member of the University of Bradford and have a University username and password.

On-site access

If you are at the City Campus or Faculty of Management and Law many online resources can be accessed directly without a username and password.

A few online resources do require a username and password even on-campus. If so, a note on the record in the Library Catalogue will say ‘Users will need their UoB username and password’.

Off-site access

Most of our online resources can be accessed off-site, allowing you to work from home or from another location. Note: We recommend you always use the Library Catalogue or Summon to link to your chosen online resources. These links offer the most straightforward login route and are tested and maintained by library staff.

There are different routes to off-site access:

EZproxy linking

Most of the Library Catalogue entries offer an EZproxy link to our online resources. This link is normally the first or main link displayed in the record. When prompted enter your UoB username and password to log in.

Institutional or Shibboleth login

A number of online resources offer an institutional authentication option. This may also be called OpenAthens or Shibboleth login. The Library Catalogue records usually display this login route as the second or alternative access option. Normally, users will be required to follow this route when visiting websites directly. On a website you may be asked to take the following steps:

  1. Locate the institutional login option. This may also be called OpenAthens or Shibboleth login. NB! Do NOT choose the Athens login option.
  2. From ‘Select your region or group’ choose UK Access Management Federation.
  3. Locate University of Bradford from a drop-down menu or type the name in a search box.
  4. Follow through to University of Bradford login page.
  5. Enter your UoB username and password into the login boxes.


The University of Bradford username and password allow access to the MyAthens site where we have collated all the eBook and eJournal sites and databases accessible that used to require an Athens account for access. The Library no longer uses the traditional Athens authentication option after the migration to institutional authentication. Please note, the MyAthens list does NOT contain all the online resources available to members. Use the Library Catalogue or our eResources page to locate suitable content.

Note: Do not use the basic Athens login boxes on any publisher site. These are NOT compatible with the University of Bradford OpenAthens accounts.

Resource specific usernames and passwords

A few online resources require a dedicated username and password. These details will only be available to members of the University via the Library Catalogue. When prompted, log in with your UoB username and password to view the login details for a given resource.