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University of Bath KTP

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University of Bath KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnerships)

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships is a UK wide programme which enables companies and the public sector to access knowledge, skills and technology from the UK Universities. Partnerships can cover any important area where there is a need for additional expertise and resources, for dynamic organisations to improve their competitiveness, productivity and performance.

Knowledge transfer is achieved by the University of Bath employing one or more graduate, or ‘associate’, to work on a strategic project based at the organisation. An academic supervisor at the University, with relevant expertise to the programme, maintains close involvement with the graduate and organisation throughout.

The scheme aims to stimulate innovation, by providing industry based training and development of talented University graduates, including post-graduates. Around 60% of associates are offered a post with the company/organisation on a permanent basis, following completion of the project.

Projects can vary in length from 2 to 3 years. Companies are eligible for a grant of up to 67% as an SME or up to 50% for a larger organisation.

KTPs, a leading scheme now celebrating its 40th Anniversary, is funded by Innovate UK and 17 other funding organisations. Since the scheme started in 1975, Bath has successfully managed over 180 KTPs. Please see the list of current partnerships.