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Bristol U3A was started in 1983. Although U3A stands for University of the Third Age, this simply means our groups cover a universe of interests, everyone is welcome, no qualifications are required and none are given. The total emphasis is on a desire to learn and a willingness to share your skills and abilities. All that is needed is enthusiasm, participation and mutual respect. Come and have fun with Bristol U3A.


Members meet during the day at weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals, either in their homes or at a suitable location. Each group has a convener – you can email most of them directly with just a click from this website – full details are on our Groups Page.

Also, we have monthly meetings at which everyone is welcome – especially visitors – to get together over coffee and biscuits in the Broadmead Baptist Church. There is a talk by an invited speaker – have a look at the Notice Board on the Welcome page for forthcoming subjects.

Staying Up-To-Date

Members are kept up-to-date with our Annual Bulletin, Newsletters every 3 months, the National U3A Magazine 5 times a year, and this Website, which is kept up-dated. BIG PRINT extracts are available.

Please have a look at our two informal blogs, or mini-websites. Click on news south of the river or on news north of the river for more local information. There are “follow” buttons to click – you will then be notified of new events by email.

Getting Acquainted

You could start by visiting one of our Social Groups. We have groups in Henleaze, Horfield, Downend, Bedminster, Knowle and Redland+Cotham, as well as the Solos group which meets in central Bristol. Please visit the relevant page for your nearest group on the Groups page.

Or come and meet people by lending a hand with the many little things that keeps Bristol U3A the great place it is – look at the ideas on the Members Info page under Keeping Your U3A Running.

Bristol U3A

Bristol U3A is a charity and the officers, committee members and group conveners are all members, voluntarily giving up their time for the benefit of others. The National U3A provides us with insurance, legal advice, subject advice and an extensive information centre for both individuals and groups.