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The Open University Health Sciences, How can we halt the local spread of disease, or tackle epidemics on a global scale? What can individuals do to stay healthy? If you’re fascinated by questions like these – particularly if you work in a health-related profession or are thinking about doing so – this degree is for you. You’ll study the essential scientific concepts underpinning the function of the human mind and body; the incidence, diagnosis and treatment of disease and disability; and the maintenance and improvement of health in different populations.

Undergraduate courses in ‘Health Sciences’

If you are looking for postgraduate courses, see our A to Z of courses.

Honours degrees

  1. BSc (Honours) Health Sciences
  2. BSc (Honours) Healthcare and Health Science
  3. BA/BSc (Honours) Open degree

Diplomas of Higher Education

  1. Diploma of Higher Education in Health Sciences
  2. Diploma of Higher Education Open

Certificates of Higher Education

  1. Certificate of Higher Education in Health Sciences
  2. Certificate of Higher Education in Healthcare with Health Science
  3. Certificate of Higher Education Open

Open University certificates

  1. Certificate in Health Sciences


  1. Science, technology and maths Access module
  2. Science and health: an evidence-based approach
    Level 1
  3. Molecules, medicines and drugs: a chemical story
    Level 1
  4. Practical science: biology and health
    Level 2
  5. Researching biology and health science
    Level 3
  6. Biological science: from genes to species
    Level 3
  7. Signals and perception: the science of the senses
    Level 3
  8. Infectious disease and public health
    Level 3
  9. Science: molecules, medicines and drugs
    Short Course