The Open University Graduation 2017

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The Open University Graduation 2017

The ceremony will begin with the entrance of the academic procession. The last person to ascend the stage will be the Presiding Officer, preceded by the University mace. Once the procession is assembled, the mace will be laid down on the mace table at the front of the stage and the Presiding Officer will declare the congregation open.

As well as the presentation of graduates, there may be conferment of one or two honorary degrees at your ceremony. The honorary graduand will be presented to the congregation by a senior academic or administrative officer of the university, who will give a short eulogy about his or her work and achievements. The Presiding Officer will confer the honorary degree on the honorary graduand who will then sign the honorary graduates’ book, and make a short reply.

Graduates will be presented to the Presiding Officer starting with the highest academic qualification and proceeding in descending order. Recipients of research degrees (PhD, EdD, MPhil and MRes) will be followed by those who have gained a taught higher degree (MA, MBA, MEd, MEng, MPA and MSc).

Graduates who have gained first degrees will be presented next, in the following order: BA First-class honours, BA other honours, BA, BEng First-class honours, BEng other honours, LLB First-class honours, LLB other honours, BSc First-class honours, BSc other honours, BSc and finally foundation degrees. The full detail of the named degree will not be read out but is included in the directory of graduates. The presentation will conclude with those who have gained a Diploma of Higher Education and finally the Professional Graduate Certificate in Education.

At the appropriate time in the ceremony, you will be ushered from your seat to the platform to be presented. You should hand your presentation card with your name on it to the marshal who will then hand it to the Graduate Presenter. When your name is read out you should walk across the stage, shake hands with the Presiding Officer, collect a scroll tube and continue across the stage, descending the steps on the other side. Wherever possible a photograph will be taken of your presentation. Do not worry too much about remembering what you need to do as there will be marshals in the auditorium guiding you through this.

Please note: all research students will be invited to join the platform party after they have been presented for their qualification.

During the presentation you may wish to leave your handbag under your seat, but please ensure it does not obstruct the way for the other graduates leaving and returning to their seats.

When you have all been presented, the Presiding Officer will address the graduates and then declare the meeting of congregation closed. Everyone will stand and the platform party will recess from the stage and out of the hall, followed at some ceremonies by the graduates.