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The Geography Department at The Open University has a record of producing innovative research and teaching in both human and environmental geography. Our excellence in research has been recognised in the Research Excellence Framework (2014) rating exercise where over 75% of our outputs and 100% of our impact were ranked as world leading or internationally recognised. Our courses cover topics such as sustainability, environmental policy, cities and globalisation.

This website will introduce you to the people who work and study in Geography here at The Open University, to the range of research activities and outputs that we are associated with, and to the opportunities for studying with us.

Qualifications & Courses

The Geography Department at the Open University has a distinguished record of producing innovative, high quality and engaging courses on human and environmental geography.

How do we produce our courses?

The courses we produce aim to break new ground, rather than to repackage existing material. Approximately three years before a course is launched we assemble a course team of experts from the Geography discipline and from other disciplines across the Open University. A course team is a lively and vibrant forum in which the latest ideas and developments are exchanged and discussed between course team members. Leading experts from outside the University are invited to serve on our course teams and to contribute teaching material. In this way our courses reflect not only the research strengths of Open University geographers but those of noted geographers from other universities.

What are our courses like?

The end result for our students is teaching material that is original, topical and up to date. The textbooks are widely used in geography teaching across the country and internationally. We pride ourselves on producing courses that are cutting edge, yet also accessible to those with no previous knowledge of geography. We have a shared commitment to conveying complex ideas in clearly presented teaching material that excites the interest and imagination of our students. We use a wide range of media, including printed materials, DVD/video, radio/audio materials and web-based learning packages.



  • BA (Honours) Environmental Studies (Q99)
  • BSc (Honours) Geography and Environmental Science (R16)
  • BA (Honours) International Studies (Q11)
  • BA (Honours) Combined Social Sciences (Q69)
  • Certificates of Higher Education
  • Certificate of Higher Education in Social Sciences (T06)
  • Certificate of Higher Education in Environment (T16)
  • Diplomas of Higher Education
  • Diploma of Higher Education in Combined Social Sciences (W40)


Level 1 Courses

The following courses are not necessarily shown in the recommended order of study for an OU qualification.

  • Introducing the social sciences (DD102)

Undergraduate Courses

The following courses are not necessarily shown in the recommended order of study for an OU qualification.

  • Living in a globalised world (DD205)
  • Environment: sharing a dynamic planet (DST206)
  • Earth in crisis: environmental policy in an international context (DU311)

Related Undergraduate Courses

The following courses are not necessarily shown in the recommended order of study for an OU qualification.

  • The environmental web (U316)
  • The uses of social science (DD206)

Contact us

For general Geography enquiries please contact:

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
The Open University
Walton Hall
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

School Co-ordinator: Jan Smith
T +44 (0)1908 654456

Further information

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