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As part of our pledge to leave you with the skills and knowledge to excel in your chosen field of work we have a dedicated careers centre which sets out to provide our students and graduates with expertise, opportunities for development and connections to employers to help you secure a job.

The Staffordshire Graduate – Our Pledge To You

Part-time employment and volunteering opportunities

Having quality work experience is an important aspect in being able to secure employment after you have completed your studies.

Unitemps is a university owned staffing agency which provides part-time and temporary work to students and graduates to supplement their income while learning. The university recruits student ambassadors through this service for its open days and various other events so if you feel like this is something for you, get yourself registered.

There are also volunteering opportunities available through our Student’s Union inVOLved volunteering scheme . Get inVOLved to boost your CV, learn more about yourself, develop your skills and support the local community or our very own Staffordshire graduates.

Student Ambassador Scheme

Interested in becoming a student ambassador?

Another way to earn some useful cash is by joining our Student Ambassador Scheme. We know from experience that students can help others to find out more about Higher Education, life as a student and about Staffordshire University.

Student Ambassadors help out at various recruitment events. Plus, the scheme also gives you the opportunity to further develop your social, organisational, problem solving, time management and communication skills in a practical way.

Application are made through unitemps between August and September.

Business Venture Support

Be InspiredThrough our BeInspired project we look to train, develop, mentor and fund both students and graduates with great business ideas by connecting them with investors, entrepreneurs, politicians, role models and industry leaders to improve the chance of success when opening a new business.

Employability, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

It’s not enough to stand head and shoulders above other candidates in the job market.

It’s just as important to know how to turn your own ideas into exciting and viable opportunities. That’s why, as a Staffordshire Graduate, you will not only be highly Employable, but also Enterprising and Entrepreneurial.

We call these life skills ‘The Three Es’. See what they mean:




Being Employable means having the skills, knowledge and personal attributes to catch the eye of employers. It means understanding how to be effective in the workplace and successful in your chosen career – for the benefit of yourself, your colleagues, the community and the wider economy.




Being Enterprising means having the attitude, initiative and ability to recognise opportunities and the confidence to make the most of them. It can mean finding new solutions to old problems, discovering a more resourceful way of tackling a challenge, organising an event, or having the vision to start a new society or service. It could also mean volunteering or getting involved in a community project. Employers value Enterprising people for the fresh thinking they bring to the workplace.




Being Entrepreneurial involves using your skills to bring that new business idea, venture, product or service to life. It can mean being prepared to take risk in order to achieve success.

Every year we help promising new graduate businesses to get off to a great start through our various support schemes.

But, it’s not just about having business skills. It’s also a way of thinking and behaving.

From Oprah Winfrey and J. K. Rowling to Bill Gates and Richard Branson, the world is full of entrepreneurs. And, just like Steve Jobs of Apple fame, entrepreneurs ‘Think Different’.

Graduate Employability Results

97.5% of students who graduated from Staffordshire University last summer are employed or in further study.

We are delighted to announce that Staffordshire University has significantly improved its performance in the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) survey. This recognition reflects the great achievements of both our students and our staff, who are wholeheartedly committed to helping students succeed.

No. 1 for employability* demonstrates our commitment to graduate employability nationally and in the local area.

What does this mean?

Our strategy of incorporating employability into all teaching modules is having a positive impact. Students on all of our courses have the opportunity to complete work experience, volunteer and work on real-world projects. This gives them the confidence, experience and connections to improve their prospects after university.

What is the DLHE survey?

DLHE is a national survey of everyone who has recently qualified from any university or HE college in the UK. Students provide information about what they are doing six months after their graduation. The data is analysed and each institution receives an employability rating.

*No. 1 relates to English Universities. Joint with Bishop Grosseteste. Excluding specialist institutions. Source: DLHE 2017

Studying at Staffordshire University you’ll benefit from our strong links with employers – through guest lectures and opportunities to arrange work placements.

Bobbie Fletcher, Head of Department, Games and Visual Effect


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