Royal School of Music New Zealand

Royal Academy of Music

Royal School of Music New Zealand

Address: Marylebone Rd, Marylebone, London NW1 5HT
Phone:020 7873 7373

Royal Academy of Music
Marylebone Road,
London, NW1 5HT

T: 020 7873 7373
Registered Charity no. 310007

The Academy’s mission is to provide pre-professional, undergraduate and postgraduate musical training of the highest national and international standards.

We aim to enrich musical culture by training and educating the most talented musicians.

The Academy was founded in 1822, and ever since has trained versatile and resourceful musicians with the skills they need in the ever-changing profession.

Great traditions do not guarantee future success, but at the Academy they do inspire us to achieve an especially happy blend of continuity and cutting-edge work.

Cherish as we do our distinguished alumni, our many exceptional teachers and our enterprising study programmes, at the Academy we never simply rest on our reputation.