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Undergraduate tuition fees for UK and EU students

    • Tuition fees for undergraduate courses for UK/EU students are given below for each type of course. The fees given are for the 2017/18 academic year. Please note tuition fees may increase in subsequent years both for new and continuing students in line with an inflationary amount determined by government.

    Specific fee information for each course can be found on the course pages of our website. You can search for your chosen course here

    Degree courses

    Tuition fees for undergraduate degree courses have been set at £9,250* per year for full-time study and £750 per single module for part-time study. Degree courses taught at one of our partner colleges will be £7,000 per year for full-time study and £3,570 per year for part-time study.

    Foundation degrees

    Students studying for a foundation degree with one of our partner colleges will be charged £7,000 per year for full-time study and £4,760 per year if studying part-time over three years. You will then have the option to top up to a full bachelor’s degree by carrying out just one year’s further study. Where offered at a partner college, this will be charged at £7,000.

    Students coming to Brookes to  top up to a full bachelor’s degree will be charged £9,250* per year for full-time study or £750 per single module for part-time study.

    Work-placement (sandwich) and Erasmus outgoing years

    If you take a work-placement year you will be charged a reduced fee. You will be charged the work-placement fee applicable to the academic year in which you take your placement. As a guide, fees for these periods undertaken during the 2017/18 academic year will be £1,380.

    Modular associate courses

    Modular associate students will be charged £6,000 per year or £3,000 per semester for full-time study or £750 per single module for part-time study.

    NHS-funded courses

    Undergraduate nursing, midwifery, occupational therapy, operating department practice or physiotherapy courses are now subject to tuition fees.  Students will pay the same fees as other undergraduate degree students, as mentioned above.

    Additional modules

    Full-time tuition fees enable you to take up to 8 module units during an academic year. If you take more than 8 modules you will be charged for each additional single module that you register.

    Some courses have double modules, which will count as two.

    Part-time study enables you to take up to 5 modules in an academic year. Studying more than 5 modules would register you as a full-time student and would incur the full-time tuition fee.

    Further information about additional module fees can be found here

    Tuition loans

    You don’t have to pay for tuition up front. The government provides loans to cover your full tuition charges.

    For more information about tuition fee loans and other funding please see our financial support pages for 2017 entrants.

    To apply for a tuition fee loan please contact Student Finance EnglandThe application cycle for 2017/18 is open and we would encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

    If you would prefer not to take out a tuition fee loan you do have the option of paying your tuition fees directly to the University.

    Loans for living costs are not available for part-time or EU students.

    University debt policy

    For information on the processes followed by the University in the event of monies being overdue, please see our Student Debt Policy.

    * Whilst these inflationary fee increases in tuition fees and student support loans have been announced by the Minister, they are still subject to formal parliamentary approval and the University meeting expectations in the new Teaching Excellence Framework. Further information is available in the Minister of State for Universities and Science’s written statement from 21 July 2016. They are also subject to OFFA’s approval of the University’s access statement. If you join us as an EU student in 2017/18 you will not move to International level fees, provided this continues to be permitted by UK law. Further information is available on our dedicated EU webpage.