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After the exam

The Open University Results, It can be fun to spend time with fellow students after the exam, but discussing the questions can lead to needless worry. Have a well-deserved rest and perhaps a treat and congratulate yourself on getting to the end of the module.

If you’re going on to further study it’s probably a good idea, in a few days’ time, to make some notes on how the exam went and how you may change your approach to revision next time. Try using the two headings below to guide your thoughts.

  • Things I did in my revision that don’t work for me
  • Things to try in my future revision


You’ll get your module results and general feedback on your performance about nine weeks after the exam or end-of-module assessment (EMA). The result is also displayed on your online student record.

Find out when you’ll receive your results and what to do whilst you wait.

If you move house during this time do remember to change your contact details with us, by changing it yourself online at StudentHome or by contacting your student support team (SST).

Once your results are available you may have questions about them, particularly if your marks are lower than you had hoped. Again, get in touch with your SST.

The Understanding your module results page will tell you more about how overall module scores are calculated.

Good luck with your exam!