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The Open University Qualifications

Our “Open” qualifications give you the opportunity to build a qualification that’s unique to you. Not only will you be able to gain valuable skills you might need for today’s competitive job market – an Open qualification also proves to employers that you’re flexible and adaptable.

  • Design a bespoke qualification to suit your career or interests.
  • Improve your employment prospects.
  • Easily change direction to fit your ambitions.
  • Count credit from university-level studies you’ve already completed elsewhere.

What Open qualifications do we offer?

  • BA (Honours) or BSc (Honours) Open – to gain a degree with honours you will need to complete a total of 360 credits (120 credits at OU level 1, 120 credits at OU level 2 and 120 credits at OU level 3).
  • Diploma of Higher Education Open – to gain a diploma of higher education you will need to complete 240 credits (120 at OU level 1 and 120 at OU level 2), equivalent to Stages 1 and 2 of our Open degree.
  • Certificate of Higher Education Open – to gain a certificate of higher education you will need to complete 120 credits of OU level 1 study, equivalent to Stage 1 of our Open degree.

Where to start

Whichever Open qualification you choose, you’ll start your studies with 30 or 60 credits from a wide and varied choice of key introductory modules. Although this first module will provide the foundation for your qualification, having some basic skills before you begin can help you get the best from your studies. If, for example, you choose one of our science, maths or engineering modules, we recommend that you check with us that your IT and mathematical skills are up to the standard required.

Get credit for previous study

Any previous higher education study you’ve successfully completed elsewhere could count towards your Open qualification (degree and diploma only). Through credit transfer you could reduce the number of modules needed to complete your qualification – saving time and money.


If you’d like to brush up on your study skills and improve your confidence, an Access module is the ideal starting point. You could even study for free.