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The OU’s International Development Office

The Open University International Students, The Open University has been committed to international development for over 20 years. We are globally recognised for our teaching and pioneering research within the sector, and for driving innovation.

Our teaching and education expertise directly addresses skills and leadership gaps, improves governance, boosts economies and drives social, technological and entrepreneurial innovation.

Our research, often in partnership with multiple institutions and stakeholders, concentrates on pressing areas of need including medicine, international policy and health economics.

Uniquely, The Open University also helps deliver development programmes in partnership with governments, NGOs, funding institutions and local partners. Our programmes in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia address areas such as frontline health, teacher education and English language teaching.

The Open University’s International Development Office works alongside academic experts within the OU to create and deliver scalable development programmes and teaching and research initiatives which positively impact developing countries. We work where there is the greatest need: where our expertise can impact the many, rather than the few, and where our work helps create sustainable social and economic development.

A global education

  • Choose the UK as your study abroad destination to experience the different cultures of the United Kingdom, and you’ll also meet students from all over the world – more than 430,00 students every year come from overseas to study in the UK!

Undergraduate courses in ‘International Studies’

If you are looking for postgraduate courses, see our A to Z of courses.

Honours degrees

  1. BA (Honours) International Studies
  2. BA (Honours) History and Politics
  3. BA (Honours) Politics, Philosophy and Economics
  4. BA (Honours) Social Sciences (Politics)
  5. BA/BSc (Honours) Open degree

Diplomas of Higher Education

  1. Diploma of Higher Education in History and Politics
  2. Diploma of Higher Education Open

Certificates of Higher Education

  1. Certificate of Higher Education Open


  1. People, work and society Access module
  2. Introducing the social sciences
    Level 1
  3. Investigating the social world
    Level 1
  4. International development: making sense of a changing world
    Level 2
  5. Understanding politics: ideas and institutions in the modern world
    Level 2
  6. The uses of social science
    Level 2
  7. Earth in crisis: environmental policy in an international context
    Level 3
  8. International relations: continuity and change in global politics
    Level 3
  9. Living political ideas
    Level 3