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The Open University Credit Transfer

The Open University Credit Transfer, If you are planning to start your studies in October 2017, the deadline for credit transfer applications is
17 August 2017*

If you have previously studied at the Higher Education level you may be able to count your study towards an Open University qualification.

For example if you have:

  • studied some modules or courses at university level
  • completed part of a degree
  • completed a professional or vocational qualification listed on the Ofqual register
  • completed an HNC or HND
  • studied at a university overseas
  • completed other study listed in our previous study finder

then you may be able to count this study towards your OU qualification.

A number of our qualifications permit previous study completed up to 16 years ago to be considered for credit transfer.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland the Higher Education level (for undergraduate study) is level 4, 5 and 6, Scotland SCQF level 7, 8, 9 and 10, and the Republic of Ireland is level 6, 7 and 8.

The Masters level in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is level 7, Scotland level 11, and in the Republic of Ireland, level 9.

If you think you may be eligible to apply for credit transfer, please ensure you make your application before you register on a module so you know exactly what you have been awarded and exactly what you’ll need to study to gain your chosen qualification.

It’s free to apply for credit transfer and you are under no obligation to study with us.  Nothing is taken away from your previous study – the purpose of credit transfer is simply to reduce the amount of time it will take you to gain a qualification, and reduce the overall cost.  A credit transfer application can be made all year around – it usually takes around 6 weeks for us to process applications.

* If you are applying for credit transfer towards the Social Work (England) degree (Q32), the Adult Nursing degree (Q73) or the Mental Health Nursing degree (Q74) you need to apply by the 3rd July.  Social Work (England) degree applicants: if you are applying for exemption from KYJ113 ‘Foundations for Social Work Practice’, the Social Work Admissions Team will contact you to obtain the name and email address of an academic referee.  This will be your previous Tutor or Head of Department.  Please obtain these details in advance to ensure a swift turnaround.

** SQA students who have studied this academic year (16/17) – Please note, the SQA has announced on their website that all certificates will be delivered to 16/17 students by first class post on Tuesday 8th August.  If you wish to study with The Open University in October 2017, we can extend the final deadline for receipt of your credit transfer application, until 22nd August.

This website provides information for those students who start studying with us for the first time in October 2012 or later. If you studied with the OU before August 2012 please make sure that you have logged in with your OU computer username and password for more accurate credit transfer advice.