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The Open University Cost

The price of a full-time degree (120 credits) will rise from about £1,400 to an average of £5,000 a year, with a part-time degree (60 credits) coming in at £2,500, where previously it had been around £700. Fees for those in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are still being discussed.8 Aug 2017

How much will it cost?

Your Open University qualification will be made up of a series of modules. Every module has a fee and added together, they give you the total cost of the qualification. You’ll pay for each module separately, rather than paying for the whole qualification in advance.

Our fee for a standard 30-credit module is £1,432, and for a standard 60-credit module it’s £2,864*. Most of our students study 60 credits per year over six years for an honours degree.

Our costs are transparent so you know what’s expected from the outset of your studies. Study materials, tuition and assessment and exams are all included in our fees. See additional costs for other expenses you may need to plan for.

Additional costs

When calculating costs, remember to bear in mind the following:

  • In order to study with us you’ll need your own computer and broadband internet access. There may also be additional costs associated with set books and travel to tutorials.
  • If you’re interested in professional accreditation, fees may apply. Further information can be found in the qualification descriptions.
  • If you choose to study a module that involves attending residential school, the cost of travel to the venue isn’t included in the module fee. There may also be additional costs for meals and accommodation whilst you’re at a residential school.

Other support available

If you’re receiving benefits or your income is less than £25,000 we have three ways to help:

  • You may be eligible for a free introductory Access module to build your confidence and skills before moving on to a full Open University qualification. For more details, visit our Access page.
  • New – after you’ve registered on your chosen qualification, you may be eligible for an OU Bursary of up to a maximum value of £3,000 to help with costs.
  • After you’ve started studying, you may be eligible for financial help with study-related costs like travel, childcare and internet access.

If you have a disability:

  • The Disabled Students’ Allowance is a government grant to cover study support costs if you have a disability. It’s not means tested, and there’s no age limit.

For more details, visit our Supporting students with disabilities page.

*The fee information provided here is valid for modules starting before 31 July 2018. Fees normally increase annually in line with inflation and the University’s strategic approach to fees.