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Welcome to the OU Alumni Association.

The Open University Alumni, Qualifying with the OU is an outstanding achievement – but the benefits don’t end there. Your free, lifetime membership of the Alumni Association instantly places you at the heart of a 380,000-strong community of OU alumni who know exactly how that achievement feels.

This website aims to help you continue your relationship with The Open University, by accessing a range of member benefits, resources and free learning materials available to you; and help you ‘give back’ by contributing to our campaigns, sharing our content or volunteering.

We’d also like you to stay connected to your university, and to share your successes, support current students along their journey and help spread the word to potential new students.

As a member of the Alumni Association you’ll still receive communications from us, including invites to events and the latest OU news.

Notable alumni, graduates and honorees

The OU has over two million alumni, including:

  • Joan Armatrading – singer, songwriter and guitarist.
  • Elizabeth Arnold – children’s writer
  • Craig Brown – former Scotland football manager
  • Natalya Kaspersky – co-founder and co-owner of Kaspersky Lab
  • Air Chief Marshal Sir Brian Burridge – Royal Air Force (RAF) officer
  • Katy Cavanagh – former Coronation Street TV soap actress; played character Julie Carp
  • Peter Cottrell – soldier, author and military historian
  • Bobby Cummines OBE FRSA – charity chief executive and reformed offender; recipient of OU honorary degree
  • Romola Garai – actress
  • Dean Gratton – author and columnist
  • Frank Hampson – illustrator and creator of Dan Dare
  • Sir Lenny Henry – entertainer
  • Gerry Hughes – sailor, first single-handed crossing of the Atlantic by a deaf person
  • Myra Hindley – convicted murderer and prisoner
  • Myleene Klass – actress and media personality
  • Paul Marsden – writer, businessman and former Labour/Liberal Democrat MP
  • Neil McIntosh – journalist
  • Gordon Pask – cybernetician and psychologist
  • David Andrew Phoenix OBE – biochemist
  • John Reid – Labour politician and former Cabinet minister
  • Talulah Riley – actress
  • Graham Smith – CEO of Republic
  • Mary Stuart – Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lincoln
  • Elliott Marc Jones, creator of Redactem (IndieGameStand’s highest rated game)
  • Dawn Faizey-Webster – author and former teacher paralyzed with locked-in syndrome who completed her Ancient History degree by ‘blinking one eye’ using a specially-adapted laptop computer that translates eye movements.
  • David Wilkinson – psychologist, ambiguity theorist and Oxford academic
  • Meles Zenawi – former Prime Minister of Ethiopia