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Do you want to work in animation, film, motion graphics, computer games or graphic design? This course builds on your interests to give you an intellectual understanding of design, art, film and narrative theory.

You will be taught cutting-edge techniques and computer-based animation skills using industry standard software, along with practical project management skills and critical analytical thinking. The Animation course is a vibrant community of practice, which provides you with the opportunity to develop an impressive technical skillset, professional understanding and creative vision.

Our philosophy is to combine creative idea generation and technical excellence in every project and to provide a supportive and dynamic studio culture, academic mentorship, and a challenging critical and creative environment that is inspiring and informed by industry.

You will learn principally through the ‘learning by doing’ approach. You are challenged to stretch your imagination and to learn to push the boundaries of conventional modes of thinking and animation realisation in answering your project briefs.

The course encourages a collaborative atmosphere where you will learn from one another, regardless of level, to support and produce animation as a community. This collaboration culminates in ‘Animation’ days, and at ‘work in progress’ screenings.

Module / Animation Performance

In this second year module you will learn how to research, refine and produce performance in animation, through a process of deconstructing and reconstructing movement with a range of animation processes.