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Newman University Primary Education Qts

Newman University Primary Education Qts

Primary Education with QTS Top Up

Hello and welcome to Newman University and the start of your exciting teaching career!

During Freshers Week you will be taking part in a range of activities and information sessions.  This will include meeting fellow students, getting to know teaching staff, preparing for school placements and also for your professional academic journey.  You will be taking part in team-building activities and will also have the opportunity to reflect on your year ahead and the importance of your own well-being.  You will also find out about the range of support available at Newman University.  During this first week you will be issued with your timetable and will have the opportunity to ask for any clarification.  This will be a good opportunity to identify the rooms in which you will be taught and to get to know the layout of the campus.

In order to support and enhance your academic progress, we suggest that you purchase and read the following books before you arrive:


Essential reading

Glazzard, J.  (2016)  Learning to be a primary teacher: core knowledge and understanding.  Northwich:  Critical Publishing.

We recommend that you buy one of the following books:

Blatchford, R.  (2015)  The teachers’ standards in the classroom.  2nd edn.  London:  Sage.


Carroll, J. and Alexander, G.N.  (2016)  The teachers’ standards in primary schools:  understanding and evidencing effective practice.  London: Sage.

These books will be of use in several of your modules and for your teaching placements during your degree and as such will be a valuable investment.  You will also be given reading lists for your modules and will have time to explore the library and its catalogue.

If you wish to access the Newman library before you start your course you can find information about it here.


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