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Welcome to Newman University Library! We hope you enjoy your experience living in Birmingham and as a student at Newman.

The library staff are here to help you find the information you need for your studies and assignments.Books, journals, DVDs and a wide range of electronic resources are available. Please ask at the enquiry desk if you need help using the catalogue to find them.

There are many books on English grammar and several bilingual dictionaries. You may find the following shelfmarks useful:

423 – English dictionaries
425 – English grammar and use
428.24 – English as a second language

433 – German-English dictionaries
443.21 – French-English dictionaries
453 – Italian-English dictionaries
463.21 – Spanish-English dictionaries
469.321 – Portuguese-English dictionaries
489.3 – Greek-English dictionaries
491.73 – Russian-English dictionaries
495.1 – Chinese-English dictionaries


Citing and referencing your work correctly is important. Here at Newman we use the Harvard system of referencing. You can use the online guide to get more information and to see some examples of how to use the Harvard system.

Electronic resources

Newman subscribes to a range of databases and electronic resources and links can be found on the library website’s electronic resources page.

Many of our electronic resources can be searched in different languages, for example:

Taylor and Francis – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) can be changed to French, Spanish and Chinese

Humanities International Complete – there are 25 different language options for searching this database including Indonesian, Japanese, Polish, Swedish and Turkish.

Ingenta Connect – Help pages can be changed to Chinese

JSTOR – can be changed to Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, French, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Korean

Oxford Journals – can be changed to Chinese and Japanese

Periodical Archive Online – can be changed to French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian

Springerlink – can be changed to German, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic


You can also access online reference services, for example Oxford Reference Online, which includes English dictionaries such as The Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar and The Concise Oxford Companion to the English Language.

It also gives access to bilingual dictionaries, including English to Spanish, French, German, Irish, Italian, Latin and Welsh. There are also specialist Business dictionaries in Spanish and French.


There are certain words you will see or hear when using the library. Below is a guide to help you translate what these words mean. The words in bold mean their definition is also included elsewhere in the glossary.

  • Abstract – A summary of a journal article
  • Article – A piece of writing published in a newspaper or journal
  • Athens – A password system which gives you access to electronic resources. Your Athens username and password is the same as your normal log in username and password
  • Bibliographic database – A searchable database of references for journal articles which contains bibliographic details of the articles such as author, title, publisher etc. There will sometimes be an abstract too
  • Bibliography – A list of books and articles which has been used in a piece of written work
  • Catalogue – A database which lists all the books, journals and other items available in the library. It tells you where it is located, whether it is out on loan and when an item is due back
  • Citation – A reference to a particular source which has been used in a piece of work. There is specific ways of doing citations which are called referencing styles. At Newman we use the Harvard system
  • Due date – The date by which a book must be returned to the library or renewed, this date will be on the receipt available to you when you borrow the book. If you do not return or renew your book by the due date you will get a fine
  • E-book – An electronic version of a book, these can be accessed from the electronic resources page of the library webpage
  • E-journal – An electronic version of a journal giving full-text access to journal articles, these can be accessed from the electronic resources section of the website
  • Fine – A charge you have to pay if you return an item to the library after the due date
  • Holdings – The word used in the catalogue to show what volumes of a journal are available in the library
  • Inter library loan – If Newman does not have a particular book or journal article you can request to borrow it from another library
  • Journal – An academic magazine published at regular intervals which contains scholarly information and research
  • Keyword – A keyword is a word used to describe the subject you are researching. You should use keywords when searching the library catalogue and bibliographic databases
  • Reference item – Some items in the library, such as dictionaries are ‘reference only’ and cannot be taken out of the library
  • Renew – You can extend the amount of time you have an item out on loan by renewing it, either by coming into the library, telephoning or through the online catalogue
  • Reservation – If all the copies of an item are out on loan you can make a reservation. This is done through the library catalogue and you will receive an email when the item is back in the library
  • Shelfmark – This is the number you need to locate a book on the shelves, books on similar subjects are shelved together
  • Short loan – This is a collection of high demand books that are available for an overnight loan. They are kept in a separate section of the library

Other resources

Birmingham public library services offer resources which may be useful for you, including resources to help with learning English grammar and books and newspapers in different languages including Chinese, Hindi, Vietnamese and Urdu.

Anyone who lives, works or studies in Birmingham can join the public libraries.

Further help

Katie Jones is responsible in the Library for International Education. She can be contacted by email – or by telephone – 0121 476 1181 Ext. 1409.