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The University campus is located in Bartley Green about 8 miles (12.9 km) south-west of the city centre. It overlooks the Bartley Reservoir.

The campus is designed around a series of inner quadrangles near academic, administrative, and pastoral buildings. The buildings on campus are named after people with a local historical significance and/or an educational significance to Newman University. The quads are named after women who have made a significant contribution to Birmingham and the Halls of Residence are named after places of significance to Blessed John Henry Newman. Much of the Campus dates back to the original foundation of the College in the 1960s interspersed with more recent developments.

Christmas 2016, Atrium, Newman University, Birmingham
St Mary’s Chapel interior

Students have a number of choices for where to eat on Campus in addition to shops and takeaway restaurants on Genners Lane. The Sanctuary acts as the main refractory where hot and cold meals are served throughout the day. The Senses Bar opens each evening and offers a range of social events into the night. The Atrium cafe serves Starbucks coffee and other snacks on the south side of Campus.

Statue of John Henry Newman

In 2013, the University invested £20 million in developing parts of the campus, including a new library and entrance named the St Chad Building. These were opened by Olympic athlete Kristian Thomas and nominated for the Education category BD Architect of the Year Award, 2012.

The University’s campus has been recognised for its energy efficiency. In September 2014, the University received the Gold Award for Eco Campus.

At the north side of the Campus is the Newman Health and Wellbeing Centre. Opened in 2016, the Centre offers counselling services to students and local residents as well as a range of outreach activities.Whipper Snappers day nursery sits on the southern edge of the Campus.

Sports Facilities

Newman’s Sports Centre is situated in the Edwards Building at the northern edge of the Campus. The gymnasium is complete with a full cardio and sports performance suite with two Olympic lifting platforms. The Centre has squash and badminton court facilities. All facilities are open to the local community as well as students and staff from the University.

Beyond the Centre, there is a third-generation all-weather pitch that was originally opened in 2008 and then upgraded in April 2017.

The sports hall plays host to the University sports teams and is sometimes used as an examination venue.

Campus Art

The Campus has a number of artworks. A piece entitled ‘The Globe’, designed by Planet Art in nearby West Bromwich, was installed outside of the new library building in May 2012. ‘The Globe’ includes quotations from John Henry Newman on faithfulness and commitment. A statue of John Henry Newman, designed and created by Tim Tolkien, is in the Ryland Quad of the campus.

Campus Development

In 2016, the local council approved the first phase of the University’s new Campus development plan. Phase one would entail a £22 million investment in a new hall of residence, teaching block, social spaces and coffee bar. The new hall of residence contains over one hundred apartments. The accommodation blocks are designed as a ribbon of buildings that respond to the natural sweep of the eastern boundary. Construction work on two other apartment blocks is due to start in 2020. The new teaching block includes a new lecture theatre, seminar rooms and atrium.

The total development, costing £70m, was the subject of an argument between local councillors. Fiona Williams (Lab) criticised the generic nature of the building designs. She stated ‘we seem to be having a lot of off-the-shelf design in the city. We need a little more imagination’. Her rival, Douglas Osborn (Con) defended the designs claiming ‘the site has character…any extras would end up being paid for by the young people through the fees’. One council official claimed the designs were ‘crisp and modern’ and in keeping with surrounding buildings.





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