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Newman University Campus Map

Newman University Campus Map

Campus Map

Newman University – Location Key

The campus is arranged around a series of inner quadrangles. The buildings on campus are named after people with a local historical significance and/or an educational significance to Newman University.
The quads are named after women who have made a significant contribution to Birmingham and the Halls of Residence are named after places of significance to Blessed John Henry Newman.

Room Numbers
The numbering system of rooms is similar to that used in hotels. The first two letters relate to the building name, the first number is the floor (0= lowest floor, 1=first floor etc.) and the remaining numbers relate to the room number. Please note that as Newman is built on a hill some buildings have “ground level” external access on two floors, therefore the ‘0’ level always refers to the lowest level of that building.
E.g. CH 102 is located as follows:- St Chad Building, Floor 1 Room 02.

Building Codes

  • Barberi Building – BA
  • St Chad Building – CH
  • Darwin Building – DA
  • Dupuis Building – DU
  • Dwyer Building – DW
  • Edwards Building – ED
  • Elgar Building – EL
  • Freire Building – FR
  • Julian of Norwich Building – JU
  • McAuley Building – MC
  • Romero Building – RO
  • Sturge Building – ST

Key areas on campus can be found in the following buildings:

  • Admissions (The Hub) – Barberi Building
  • Careers – (The Hub) – Barberi Building
  • Chapel – Julian of Norwich Building
  • Chaplaincy (The Hub) – Barberi Building
  • Directorate – Dwyer Building
  • E-Learning – Elgar Building
  • Examinations and Assessments (The Hub) – Barberi Building
  • Finance Office – Dupuis Building
  • Graduate School Office – Dwyer Building
  • Gym – Elgar Building
  • I. T. Support Desk (The Hub) – Barberi Building
  • Information Technology Centre – McAuley Building
  • International Office – Dwyer Building (access via Library)
  • Library – St. Chad Building
  • Marketing – Freire Building
  • Main Lecture Theatre – Sturge Building
  • Newman Students’ Union (The Hub) – Barberi Building
  • Quality Office – Romero Building
  • Porters – Dwyer Building
  • Reception – St. Chad Building
  • Reprographics – Dwyer Building
  • Sanctuary and Senses bar – Barberi Building
  • Security – Dwyer Building
  • Academic Support Advisors ‘ASA’ (The Hub) – Barberi Building
  • School of Education Office – Darwin Building
  • School of Human Sciences Office – Elgar Building
  • Sports Centre – Edwards Building
  • Student Support Centre – Dwyer Building (access via Library)

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