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Margaret O’brien University of East Anglia

Margaret O’brien University of East Anglia

O’Brien, Margaret

Professor Margaret O’Brien, PhD Social Psychology 1984 (London School of Economics) co-directs the Centre for Research on the Child and Family. Her main research areas are: fatherhood and work-family policy;fathers, parenting and family support; children, families and communities; children’s services and childwellbeing.

She has led national and international research projects, using mixed research methodologies, including: Fathers in the Workplace EOC funded; Childhood, Urban Space and Citizenship ESRC funded; Muslim Families in Europe. DGV funded. She is an Associate Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, and has served on several national and international research committees including: International Sociological Association, sub- committee on Family Research, elected Board Member; National Institute of Family and Parenting; Equality and Human Rights Commission Working Better Programme; Department of Work and Pensions; The Caribbean Support Initiative Programme on Child-Rearing Research; UNICEF ‘s international consultative group on child-friendly-cities; the International network on Leave Policies and Research. From fall 2009 she will serve in UK’s first Commission on Fatherhood.

Expertise: Paid Family Leave, Paternity Leave, Paid Family Leave- International comparisons, Fathers and work family policies, Fathers and caregiving.







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