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Office 365 ProPlus Collaboration Tools

New tools to make your life easier… wherever you choose to work.

Office 365 ProPlus provides access-anywhere apps for University staff to work on the move, integrating with the latest version of Office we provide on campus.

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How to download and install Office 365 ProPlus

First, you need to log in to Office 365 with your University account:

Head to
In the first box input your MMU ID followed by eg,
In the second box, enter your usual University password
Click on the blue sign in button
Follow the on-screen instructions and select your Office download.

Find out about Office 365 ProPlus and what it means for you.

Why we’re doing it

This project will improve support, encourage flexible working, give staff more reliable file-sharing facilities and offer new opportunities for online collaboration.

Students have been using Office 365 ProPlus for over a year now to great effect. Already there are more Manchester Metropolitan students using Microsoft Office than any other UK university and understandably, many staff are now clamouring for the same opportunity.

What are the benefits?

  • Enhanced opportunities for collaboration (including video meetings and screen-sharing)
  • Flexible working using OneDrive file-sharing and Office web and mobile apps
  • Access and manage your work from any device, anywhere in the world
  • Download the latest version of Office for free, on up to five of your own devices (including mobile apps)
  • Integration with Office 2013 – the new campus standard
  • Improved reliability, capacity and  security for file sharing.

Project scope

This project will apply Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus licenses to all Manchester Metropolitan staff accounts, integrate OneDrive cloud storage with Office apps on campus and provide staff with free Office downloads and tools for collaboration including instant messaging and video meetings using Skype for Business.

Who’s involved?

Project Manager

Paul Haldron, Service Delivery Manager, IT Services

Project Sponsor

Rachel Jones, Customer Relationship Manager, IT Services

Project Board

Hilary Legge, Head of Faculty SAS, Faculty SAS (Cheshire Campus)

Jess Edwards, Head of English

Mike Preece, Solutions Architect and Infrastructure Manager, IT Services

David Worrall, Deputy Head of Legal

Stephen Duffy, Head of Technical Services

Mark Roche, Learning Innovation

Claire Hamilton, Senior Communications Professional (LRIS)

When’s it happening?

OneDrive integration, free Office downloads for staff and Skype for Business video meetings and instant messaging – by February 2016.