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Bursaries – Full Time Undergraduate Students

MMU offers a generous Student Support Package for students who are paying the higher rate of tuition fees (£9,000) and whose household income is below £25,000. The amount you are eligible for is dependent upon when you enrolled:

Year enrolled

SSP Year 1

SSP Year 2

SSP Year 3

2014/15 £3000 £1000 £500
2015/16 £1000 £1000 £1000
2016/17 £1000 £1000 £1000

N.B The 2016/17 SSP pays your award for each year of study, including new Foundation Year students with fees of £6000 and integrated Masters MChem and MEng degree courses.

You can find further information and full terms and conditions can be found in the Full Time MMU Student Support Package documents in the Financial and Legal Services web pages.  You can also find more information on the Money Matters web pages.

Am I eligible?

For the Full Time Student Support Package you must meet the following criteria:

  • You are an Manchester Met full-time undergraduate student
  • Your household residual income as assessed by your Student Finance authority is up to and including £25,000
  • You are paying the higher rate of tuition fees (£9000 for full time undergraduates, £6000 for foundation year) in 2016/17
  • You have a UK Student Support Number* provided by Student Finance

Eligibility for the Student Support Package and the amount you receive will also depend on the year that you commenced year 1 of your full time undergraduate degree.

EU students without a UK student support number and overseas students are not eligible for this bursary, nor are students on courses that are externally funded (e.g. NHS funded courses), or students whose fees are paid by a sponsor e.g. an employer.

Full eligibility details as well as terms and conditions can be found on the Financial and Legal Services web pages.

*You will have a UK student support number if you have applied for your funding via Student Finance England, Student Finance Northern Ireland, Student Awards Agency for Scotland and Student Finance Wales.

If you are a full-time undergraduate student and you enrolled on your course before 2012 and are paying £3465 tuition fees you won’t be eligible for the SSP. Depending on your household income you may be eligible for a bursary, you should contact the Student Financial Support Team directly if you have any queries regarding this.

How do I apply?

You apply at the same time that you apply for your student funding i.e. your maintenance loan and tuition fee loan.

Applications for student funding are dealt with by Student Finance England, Student Finance Northern Ireland, Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) and Student Finance Wales. You can apply online at

New students should complete a PN1 form and returning students should complete a PR1 form.

Your Student Finance authority determines how much you may borrow for your student maintenance loan. This information is then passed to the Student Loans Company (SLC) who pay your loans to you.

As MMU’s Bursaries and the SSP are dependent upon your household’s income and this information is held by the SLC, you and your parents* must give permission for this data to be shared with MMU in order for you to be assessed for a Bursary or the SSP. This is known as ‘Consent to Share’ and you and your parents* do this as part of your application. The application process is defaulted for you to give this consent but you can choose not to share this information if you wish by selecting the option not to share. This information is then automatically shared with MMU and the bursary team will determine your eligibility for the SSP, so you do not have to make a separate application. The bursary team will email you after enrolment to confirm your SSP.

*if you are still dependent on them

You can check whether you have given consent to share if you are unsure via your online Student Finance account by telephoning the bursary helpline on 0300 100 0612

How can I use my Student Support Package?

Year 1

Your MMU Student Support Package will be paid to you in one of two ways;

  • If you are staying in MMU accommodation then your Student Support Package will be automatically paid toward your accommodation fees (for MMU student accommodation contracts that are direct with the university and external hall students when the accommodation has been arranged by MMU).
  • • For all other students the Student Support Package will be loaded onto your met card (cash free facility).

You can use your met card for a wide range of products and services. For further information about the met card and a full set of FAQs please visit

Continuing Years

Students who remain eligible for the Student Support Package after their first year will have their award credited onto their met card (50% in October and 50% in January).

How is the SSP paid?

Your Student Support Package is paid over the years of your course as indicated above. Payments will be split into equal instalments. The payment dates for 2016/17 are on or around:

  • 18th October 2016 term 1
  • 23rd January 2017 term 2

The terms and conditions of the SSP state that “should you incur any unpaid debts to the University, MMU reserves the right to withhold payment of any entitlement until the debt is paid in full. MMU may withhold your entitlement in the event of poor or non-attendance on your course.”

The information displayed here is general information only. The full terms and conditions and eligibilty for all bursaries are set by Financial and Legal Sevices and you should refer to their pages for this (here)