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Loughborough University Islamic Society

Our Vision

“We endeavour to establish a welcoming and inclusive environment for all that is rooted within the exemplary teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Where a community spirit is built, as a consequence a  fellowship between Muslims grows and flourishes.

Overall leading to a transformed community imbued with the inspiration, and who are motivated to acquire and teach the goodness and purity of Islam so that it can be shared with all.

Our Mission

To build a strong network of support between all Muslim students.”

Foster a meaningful Muslim identity.

Develop a sense of confidence in our beliefs, which provide the guiding principles to excel as positive contributors.

Our Aims

Empower all Muslim’s upon campus.

Establish an environment that fosters a sense of community and belonging.

Offer opportunities for all to further their understanding of Islam through education initiatives.

Promote a true understanding of Islam and Muslims throughout campus.

Our Services

  • Maintenance of prayer spaces across campus
  • Deliver Jummah and Eid Prayers
  • Host events such as exhibitions, lectures, workshops and seminars
  • Dawah efforts and volunteering work across campus and within the local community.
  • Sporting, social events and trips
  • Offer pastoral service and help for students in need of support.


Become an Official Member!

Thinking of becoming an official member with the Loughborough ISoc, why not so via the following link:


A charge of £10 towards the society would be applicable. This fee will go a long way towards providing us with the necessary resources and funding we are in desperate need of. So that we are able to continue to cover our operational costs, host free events, fund our educational activities, large scale projects and ultimately to serve the needs and interests of the Muslim population on campus.

Membership benefits (without been too exhaustive);

  • Free classes and entry to talks delivered by renowned experts.
  • Free sports sessions (a fee of £2 would apply to our non-members)
  • Discounted fees for social outings and other social activities.
  • Free dinners throughout the year (served after our large scale events)
  • 10% discount from Fernandez Grill House menu.





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