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Loughborough University’s superb 440 acre campus offers great facilities for every aspect of student life, with plenty of open space, gardens and sports areas interspersed with academic buildings and student accommodation.

The campus has the most extensive sports facilities of any university in the UK and is easily negotiated on foot, by bicycle or on one of the convenient shuttle buses which operate across the campus and on into town and the railway station.

We have a wide variety of shops, cafés, restaurants and bars across the campus, with food from takeaway snacks to high-class restaurants. There are lots of places to sit outdoors and study, talk with friends, or just relax.

You can discover everything our campus has to offer by viewing our interactive campus map.

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Loughborough University is proud of its long history as an institution of further and higher education. Thanks to the vision of its founding father, Dr Herbert Schofield, it has been able to grow and develop into one of the country’s top universities.

Throughout its history Loughborough University has built upon its distinctive characteristics.  Today it is one of the country’s leading universities, with a reputation for excellence in teaching and research, strong links with business and industry and unrivalled sporting achievement.

That Loughborough now boasts an internationally known and respected university is largely due to the entrepreneurial vision and determination of Dr Herbert Schofield, Principal of Loughborough College for 35 years.