London Business School Undergraduate Requirements

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London Business School Undergraduate Requirements

Entry requirements

General information about entry requirements is provided in this section; specific grades for each of our programmes are listed on each degree page. Please be sure to read both carefully before applying.


  • GMAT/GRE score

    You must have a valid GMAT score before submitting an application. We also accept GRE scores. Please submit your official test taker copy of your score with your application. Register to take the GMAT, or Try the GMAT test.

    Our GMAT code number for the Full-time MBA is Z11-J7-50. Our GRE code is: 7832. Please note, you may be asked by the Admissions Committee to retake the GMAT before receiving an offer. Read the FAQ for more information on GMAT/GRE requirements.



  • Proof of your English language ability

    If English is not your native language, or if you have not been studying fully in English or living in an English-speaking country for at least two years, please submit your IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge CPE, CAE or PTE Academic score. Other tests will not be accepted.

    Download proving your English language ability (PDF, 100 KB) for guidance.


  • Application fee

    The application fee is £190. This fee is paid by credit card with your form, your application will remain incomplete until we receive the correct fee.



MBA2020 application timetable (for the class entering August 2018)

Some applicants will be chosen to progress to the interview stage. The interviews are all conducted by alumni of the MBA programme and your interview will take place in the region in which you are based. Based on alumni interviewer availability, you may be asked to travel in order to complete your interview.

Round  1

Application deadline: 15 September 2017
Interview decision sent on 5 October 2017

Interview period: mid-October to early November 2017
Admission decision sent on 22 November 2017

Round 2

Application deadline: 3 January 2018
Interview decision sent on 1 February 2018

Interview period: mid-February to early March 2018
Admission decision sent on 27 March 2018

Round 3

Application deadline: 2 March 2018
Interview decision sent on 5 April 2018

Interview period: mid-April to early May 2018
Admission decision sent on 22 May 2018

Round 4

Application deadline: 20 April 2018
Interview decision sent on 10 May 2018

Interview period: mid to end May 2018
Admission decision sent on 19 June 2018

All application deadlines are 17:00 UK time. All Admissions Committee decisions are communicated via email and will be sent on the relevant deadline day by 23:30pm UK time.