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Visiting Students

Welcome to those looking to study for a term or two with us! King’s has a vibrant undergraduate and postgraduate Study Abroad programme that we are proud to participate in. As a visiting student, you will be taught and assessed just like our other students at Social Science, Health & Medicine.

King’s has excellent support services for international students, including immigration & visa advice, dedicated international student support and a series of international welcome and orientation events.

Visiting undergraduate students

Our undergraduate teaching includes fascinating foundational courses such as “Introduction to Social Medicine”. Space permitting, some of our courses are open to visiting students – find out more on how to apply.

Visiting postgraduate students

Our postgraduate teaching includes exciting advanced courses such as “Critical Bioethics”, “Global Health Ethics”, “Politics of Health and Medicine” and “Epistemology, Methodology & Ethics in the Social Sciences”. Space permitting, some of our courses are open to visiting students – find out more on how to apply.


Visiting Research students should be current PhD students at another institution either in the UK or internationally. They will have a viable programme of research for which study in London is necessary. They should identify a supervisor who is an academic member of staff at King’s and will personally support their application.

Please note that applications will only be accepted from students who have arranged a visit with a potential supervisor. Unfortunately any speculative applications will be withdrawn.


How to apply

Students should apply using King’s Apply application system ( Please search for the Non-award Research programme in your subject and complete the following sections of the application form:

  • Personal Details
  •  Education – Please complete the education section in full detailing any previously completed qualifications and providing full official transcripts and certificates. If the original documents are not in English we will also need to see official translations.
  •  Funding
  • Reference – Please give the details of your supervisor at King’s as your first referee (we do not require a second referee)
  • Under the Education section, please provide details of your current PhD study. Within this section, please also attach an official letter confirming that you are currently studying a PhD. This will need to be on official headed paper and signed or stamped by your university. If the original letter is not in English we will also need to see an official translation. The letter should confirm:

-the title of your current study

-the date you enrolled

-your expected completion date

-that your study at King’s will contribute to your current research.

Students should allow 6 weeks for applications to be processed.

Fee structure

For visits of up to 3 months, no fee would be charged;

-For visits of 3 to 6 months, a fee of £500 would be charged;

-For visits of between 6 and 9 months, a fee of £2,000 would be charged;

-For visits of 9 to 12 months, a fee of £4,500 would be charged.

-For visits of more than 12 months, normal Overseas tuition fees will apply.

It should be noted that the fee structure proposed will not apply to visiting research students who enter the College through a formal exchange agreement (i.e. within the Erasmus framework, or supported by an MOA).

English Language requirements

Students visiting for less than 6 months should meet the UKVI English Language requirements for a Tier 4 Visa.  The UKVI’s requirement for an IELTS is 5.5 overall with 5.5 in each skill.

Student visiting for more than 6 months should meet the Faculty requirements which can be found here:

Visa requirements

Any non-EU student visiting the College for more than six months requires a Tier 4 visa. By applying through the portal, all visiting research students would be subject to full checks on their visa status, and non-EU students could be assigned a CAS number for their visa application.

Non-EU research students visiting the College for less than six months would have the choice of applying for a Student Visitor visa or a Tier 4 visa.

It may be preferable for some students who visit for less than six months to apply for a Tier 4 visa. As this visa allows a student to undertake work (maximum 20 hours per week), it would avoid any ambiguity or misunderstanding from UKVI over what constitutes ‘work’ and what constitutes ‘research’. Furthermore, any student entering on a Student Visitor visa is not able to extend their period of leave beyond six months.

Visiting research students from outside the EU must not enter the UK on an Academic Visitor visa or a Business Visitor visa. Guidance will be provided to make clear that the Academic Visitor visa in particular is not appropriate (to qualify for this visa, a visitor must have obtained their doctorate).

We are required to monitor the continuing engagement of all Tier 4 students; given the short nature of the visit, options for this monitoring are being considered.


As a Visiting Researcher at King’s you will be provided with an email address, access to all appropriate facilities and support services including the Graduate School and KCLSU.