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The great thing about maths is that when you study mathematical ideas you are in touch with some of the greatest thinkers of all time.

They say there is a jump from G.C.S.E. to ‘A’ level, there’s a jump from ‘A’ level to University level.

We’re aware of that and we try to make that transition as easy as possible.

The lecturers at Keele are actually very helpful – I’ve always found this.  If you get in trouble with any of your homework you just go and see them and they’ll sort you out.

Some of the modules we’ve done – the lecturers have even wrote the text books for the modules that we’re doing, so you can tell how good the lecturers are and they’re always so helpful.

I think the good thing about Keele is that the classes are so small so it means you get a more personal relationship with your tutors, and the lecturers as well

… and it makes you more motivated to do your work

I always joke with my friends that I could go an hour for a lecture and not write anything because we use so much algebra.

Maths is such an in-depth and expansive subject…

When you are throwing balls in the air you can do it in different ways.  This is a straightforward juggling pattern, but there are other ways to do it… like this… or like that… or like this, and a mathematician is interested in describing such patterns mathematically, and it turns out that you can come up with a theory for describing different kinds of patterns, and in fact for discovering new patterns.

This is a pattern that was invented by a mathematician, but now can be used by jugglers in their performances.

Many of our students take Dual Honours, which means that they spend their time equally studying maths and another subject.  What people don’t realise is that that other subject can be anything that the timetable allows.

From an employer’s perspective they are often very keen to have maths alongside another subject, because it shows other skills.

So what does everybody want to do when you’ve actually got your degree, because I personally want to become a teacher.

Well I’m with you, I’d like to be a teacher of maths as well, and I’m hoping to do that at Keele after I graduate.

Most jobs are actually not degree specific, employers are just looking for intelligence and the ability to adapt to new ideas, and a maths degree shows you all those skills.

What’s so good about doing a maths degree is you can pretty much do anything – there’s such a wide variety of jobs you can do.

I’m hoping to join the Royal Navy when I finish and – you know – that’s not necessarily attributed to a maths degree, but I’ll be able to go in as an officer and  I’ll be able to get promotions pretty quickly because of having a degree in mathematics.

People see mathematics as a really difficult subject so it puts them off from doing a degree, but with the social aspect we have at Keele – we all do socials, just hang around with each other, just make it a social and a fun thing to do.