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The Dyson School of Design Engineering is the 10th and newest engineering department at Imperial College London. It was formed in July 2014, building on the long-standing design and engineering expertise at Imperial as well as the world-renowned Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) programme run jointly by Imperial and the Royal College of Art.

The School has a fast growing population of both staff and students, including fractional staff actively working in industry. The School expects to grow by 100 people a year for the next few years and is currently located in 10 Princes Gardens, South Kensington, prior to moving into the Dyson Building on Exhibition Road in September 2017.

An introduction to Design Engineering

Design engineers are problem solvers who bridge the gap between traditional engineering and design to create innovative solutions to modern challenges, from improving passenger comfort on commercial airlines to designing next-generation sports prostheses.

It’s a highly creative discipline that draws on knowledge of manufacturing techniques, product development, technical design and rapid prototyping to bring new innocations to market, and to improve existing products and the processes used for making them.

Imperial College London Design Engineering

Design Engineering (MEng)

What you study

The MEng in Design Engineering focuses on the design of advanced products, services, experiences and systems across the breadth of engineering and design.

It will enable you to develop a range of fundamental design and engineering skills, with a particular emphasis on creativity, computer-aided engineering tools, optimisation, human factors, design process, and the enterprise skills and industrial experience necessary to launch brand new products to market.

The course contains a substantial number of project and coursework modules of increasing scale throughout the programme. You will incrementally combine your engineering and design skills with business knowledge in successive projects. This will culminate in an Enterprise Roll Out module in the final year in which you will expose to market reaction one of the products you have made during an in-course project.

All first and second year modules are compulsory and we focus particularly on foundational engineering, computing, mathematics and human factors to give you a solid scientific and design basis on which to build. These cover such subjects as mechanics, electronics for product and system design, computing, and mechatronics and robotics.

The third and fourth years include a greater emphasis on advanced modules in design and engineering, and enterprise and entrepreneurship skills. You will have a choice of optional modules, in areas such as design rationale, human factors, and advanced engineering tools, allowing you to specialise in areas of interest. It may also be possible to take optional modules from other engineering degrees at Imperial.

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